New Muslim-owned coconut shake shop opens in Marine Parade

Expect long queues.
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Coconut shake seems to be the beverage of the moment these days, if long queues at shops selling them are anything to go by. Mr Coconut, we 👀 you.

With Singapore’s weather heating up these days, we can see why coconut beverages are a hot favourite.

Just in: Relatively new competitor CocoBoss just opened its second outlet in Marine Parade Central, and according to this Facebook post, it is wholly managed and operated by Muslim owners.

Beverages from S$5.80

CocoBoss is known for their variety of coconut beverages including the OG Coconut Shake (S$5.80).

Interesting variants of the drink are also available, with flavours ranging from the expected like the Signature Roasted Coconut Shake (S$6.90), to creative spins such as Matcha Coconut Shake (S$6.90) and Salted Caramel Coconut Shake (S$6.90).

There’s even Fresh Coconut Juice (S$5.80) for the coconut purists.

You can also upsize to a large cup for an additional S$1.

Similar to most bubble tea shops, customers can also customise their drinks’ sugar level which ranges from 0% to 100%. There’s even a brown sugar option for additional S$0.70.

Interestingly, you can also customise the size of the coconut meat in the drinks: blended with small coconut bits for a smoother texture or less blended for chunkier coconut flesh.

Here are some photos of CocoBoss drinks:

OG Coconut Shake, S$5.80

Signature Roasted Coconut Shake, S$6.90

Salted Caramel Coconut Shake, S$6.90

Cookies & Cream Coconut Shake, S$6.90

Full Menu

And here’s the full menu for your reference:

CocoBoss Coconut Shake menu

Address: 87 Marine Parade Central #01-503B (right across Parkway Parade)
Halal status: Muslim owned
Facebook | Instagram

Top photos via CocoBoss Facebook page and Wanita Muslimah Facebook page

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