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With new Covid-19 rules kicking in again, it may seem like we’ll be stuck at home most of the time. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the restaurant dining experience.

More eateries in Singapore are offering delivery for DIY dining such as steamboats or barbeques so you can have them at the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few options we found that might help you tide over this season of reduced social gatherings.

1. This steamboat with induction hotpot set

DIY DoDo Hamper Bundle + Aerogaz Induction Hotpot (Free Stainless Steel Pot)

DoDo is a household name in Singapore popular for its surimi-based seafood products, especially their fishball. This steamboat set is all you need for a small gathering or party with your close ones. Included in the set is an Aerogaz Induction Cooker with a free stainless steel pot that you can reuse. As for the steamboat itself, DoDo will supply the necessary ingredients including their signature Fishball, Japanese Scallop Broth, Tobiko Prawn Paste, Snow Crab (Flavoured) Leg and more.

Buy it from Lazada for S$118.65.

2. This Thai “Mookata style BBQ grill with Steamboat set

DIY DoDo Hamper Bundle Set Thai Mookata BBQ Grill with Steamboat

For a more budget-friendly option, DoDo also offers a Thai Mookata-style set which comes with an Aerogaz Steamboat Set with Mookata Grill Plate inclusive of three free gas cartridges. Hoist a slab of butter on the top of the dome, then leave it to swathe the surface with a slick for grilling the DoDo seafood treats such as Cheese Tofu Fish Cake, Otah Fish Cake, Fish Ball and more. Better yet, stock up on marinated meats and chicken to make full use of the grill plate. Similarly, the Aerogaz appliance is yours to keep so you can have more steamboat sessions at home.

Buy it from Lazada for S$79.90.

3. This Yakiniku set from Wakuwaku

DIY yakiniku

Wakuwaku made headlines a couple of years ago as Singapore’s first halal yakiniku (Japanese grilled meat) restaurant. Honestly, one of the main draws of having yakiniku in the restaurant itself is knowing you won’t have to clean up after. Thankfully, Wakuwaku has offered a smart way for us to recreate a similar experience at home with minimal clean-up. Using a disposable charcoal BBQ grill, you can set up and get grilling in minutes. The grill has a cook time of 60 minutes, which is plenty of time to grill the Sagari, Harami, Jingiskan (lamb) & Tori Momo (chicken) included in this set. The set also includes three servings of Japanese Pearl rice and two servings of Yakiniku sauce, making this a suitable meal for a party of 2-3 pax.

Buy it from Wakuwaku for S$75. Or you can get the Premium Platter Set with Prime Wagyu Steak for S$125.

Bonus: The disposable charcoal BBQ grill is a genius invention. If you’d like to get one, it’s also available on Lazada and Shopee.

4. Halal-certified prime meats from The Meatery

Before you grumble “it’s just not the same doing BBQ at home”, that’s probably because you did not get restaurant-quality meats to begin with. Thankfully, we have more options for halal premium meats than ever before, and The Meatery is one of them. Last CB, we ordered above $120 worth of meat from them (because free delivery) and each cut of meat literally melted in our mouths. So if you’re planning a BBQ sesh at home, we recommend stocking up on cuts suitable for Yakiniku such as the Japanese Satsuma A4 Kagoshima: Karubi Plate (S$68/200g) or Aus F1 Wagyu MS4/5: Rib Meat Yakiniku (S$34/200g). The Meatery also offers a Yakiniku Set (S$78/600g) comprising of several various cuts so that you can leave out the guesswork.

5. Very affordable steamboat on wheels

If you’ve read this far hoping to see a relatively affordable option in this list, congratulations, you’ve found it. Steamboat on Wheels offers halal steamboat delivery to your home for as low as S$80 (enough for 4 pax). Need a griller? You can loan it from them for an additional S$8. Steamboat on Wheels will collect the griller back from you after you’re done. Here are the items included in the set:

To order, DM them on their instagram @steamboatonwheels or Whatsapp +65 8533 8337

6. Qiji DIY Popiah House Party Set

DIY popiah set

House party hosts looking for an interactive dining experience for their guests can now get a DIY popiah set from Qiji. The set is served with Qi Ji Popiah skin, homemade sweet and chilli sauces, garlic, lettuce, bean sprouts, crispy bits, egg, prawn and turnip. The best part is that your guests can have their popiah their way. No more wastage! Qiji charges S$5.80 per pax (approximately 2 rolls per person) and there is a minimum order of 10 pax.

Order from

7. DIY Party Sets of local favourites like kueh pie ti, laksa, muah chee and more

DIY Party Set

Specializing in DIY Party sets and mini buffets for corporate events and get-togethers, halal-certified Fortune Food Catering brings the best of Singapore’s local comfort foods to you. The DIY Party sets are especially fun, as they come with specially-designed placemats that show the step-by-step process of assembling popiah, kueh pie ti, laksa, muah chee etc. Useful for noobs like us who know how to eat, but not necessarily create the food from scratch. Prices start from S$12 per set.

Order from

8. Gelato fondue set with ceramic fondue pot and 7 flavours of gelato

Gelato Fondue Kit

This handy kit by halal-certified gelato brand OOI is like having your own personal dessert chef or a gelato fondue party at home.

The kit comes with the following items:

  • 1 Set of ceramic fondue pot
  • 4 Skewers
  • 1 Candle
  • 1 Ice gel pack
  • 1 Block of chocolate ganache
  • 7 pcs of fragaria strawberry gelato
  • 7pcs of blueberry yoghurt gelato
  • 7pcs of Belgian chocolate gelato
  • 7pcs of hazelnut gelato
  • 7pcs of green mint gelato
  • 7pcs of banana gelato
  • 7pcs of Madagascan vanilla gelato

Not only does the kit comes with the utensils necessary for dipping, twirling and transporting food to mouth, it also includes seven flavours of gelato balls to coat the chocolate ganache with!

All of these in one box! And yes, you get to keep the fondue pot and skewers to reuse. Cheese fondue party next, maybe?

Buy it from Shopee for S$55.

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