Online Groceries: This Web Tool Checks Which Supermarket Has Delivery Slots

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Web tool allows shoppers to check for available delivery slots

Shoppers can now check aggregated delivery slots availability for groceries in one website.

Online supermarkets and grocery stores have been under strain since the implementation of Circuit Breaker to curb the spread of Covid-19 infection.

It hasn’t been easy to book a delivery slot, and with Circuit Breaker in force till May 4th, demand for groceries will only continue to rise.

But, there seems to be a glimmer of hope.

If you’re frustrated at not being able to get a delivery slot, a web tool called “Where Got Slot” now enables you to find which e-supermarket has available slots simply by putting in your postal code.

So far, it only shows delivery slots, if any, for five popular online groceries portals – FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Giant, Cold Storage and EA Mart.

However, due to increased demand, whatever delivery slots available can still be snapped up quickly. There’s no guarantee that you can chope the slot by the time you access the provider’s website.

The site left a pro tip on evening the odds, and that is to “add all your desired items into the respective online grocery provider’s cart first. Once you see an available slot here, you can quickly check out from there.” Smart idea, but we’re not sure if we like signing up for multiple accounts just for groceries.

The best thing, still, is to visit a physical store if you can whilst still adhering to social distancing guidelines. But if you can’t, here’s a list of alternative online grocery stores to check out.

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