Tauhuay.SG: Halal soya beancurd shop opens in Joo Chiat

Where have you bean all my life?

As unassuming as it looks, halal tauhuay (soy bean curd pudding) is actually a rarity here in Singapore.

But now, a Muslim-owned shop simply called Tauhuay.SG has entered the market so that you can have the silky smooth dessert without feeling apprehensive anymore.

The shop just opened earlier this month and serves a wide variety of beancurd, soy milk and other snacks, most of which are under S$3.00.

Tauhuay and soy milk 

The Original Beancurd (S$1.70) is the entry level tau huay, but for S$2.50, it also comes with a choice of topping such as gula melaka, longan, red bean, sea coconut and cincau.

You can also choose to have Beancurd with Taro Balls (S$3.00) or with Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls), S$3.00.

But what really caught our eye were the signature tau huay items.

The signature items at tauhuay.sg
Photo: Tauhuay.SG/Facebook

Heftier items like 4 Happiness (S$3.00, comes with cincau, longan and sea coconut) and 5 Treasure (S$3.59, comes with cincau, red bean, taro and sweet potato balls) are available.

Here’s the full tau huay menu:

Photo: Tauhuay.SG/Facebook

The soymilk menu is just as extensive.

Apart from the Original Soymilk (S$1.70), you can also get it with extra toppings like gula melaka, red bean, ginkgo, longan and tangyuan.

Soymilk menu at Tauhuay.SG
Photo: Tauhuay.SG/Facebook

There’s even Michael Jackson (S$2.50) available, which is essentially a combination of soymilk and cincau.

Speaking of cincau, the shop also offers a small selection of cincau drinks (S$1.70 – S$2.50).

Here’s the full drinks menu:

Photo: Tauhuay.SG/Facebook

Savoury snacks available

You can also order fried savoury snacks like You Tiao (S$1.20) and Butterfly Bun (S$1.20) to go with your drinks and tau huay.

Savoury snacks
Photo: Tauhuay.SG/Facebook

The shop also recently added Paus to the menu.

The steamed buns come in 3 flavours (S$1.60 for Red Bean/Kaya Pau, S$2.20 for Salted Egg Pau).

Customers may even get them in frozen packs of six.

Business launched in spite of Covid-19

According to this post shared on Tauhuay.sg’s Facebook page, the business actually started because travel and tourism were severely affected since the global pandemic began.

The owners were running a travel agency then, but as their revenue took a massive hit, they had to pivot to the food business to stay afloat.

Like these businesses that emerged from Covid-19, Tauhuay.SG found a void in the market and turned it into a business opportunity.

In their case, it was the lack of halal or Muslim-owned tauhuay businesses in Singapore.

The owners decided to fill this void, serving fresh daily homemade beancurd and soymilk to a wider customer demographic.

In the beginning, they do deliveries only, providing tau huay to corporations, schools, and hospitals.

After several months of building the business from scratch, Tauhuay.SG now has a retail shop in Joo Chiat to call its own.

Here’s where to find Tauhuay.SG: 60 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427726

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 9:30am – 6:pm (Closed on Tuesday)

Top image by Tauhuay.SG and Google Maps.

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