10 Top Selling Halal Products On Shopee To Add To Cart This Month

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1. This baby food puree made from all natural ingredients.

peachy baby food puree smoothie

Made from Thailand’s finest fruits and vegetables, this smoothie in a pouch makes for a great snack for toddlers. It comes in 12 flavours ranging from Strawberry & Banana and Apple Puree Oats & Prune Juice.

Buy it from Shopee for S$2.65.

2. This frozen chicken nuggets that apparently taste like McNuggets.

Frozen chicken nuggets

This particular brand of chicken nuggets became viral at one point last year as netizens claimed that is a dead ringer for a McNugget, in both looks and taste.

Buy it from Shopee for S$7.80.

3. These assorted macarons in a gift box.

Annabella Patisserie macarons

This AnnaBella Patisserie brand of macarons is quite a familiar sight at roadshows, and having produced over 5 million pieces of macaron, the hype is clearly very real. The current promotion is buy 6 get 6 free, so grab ’em at a steal.

Buy it from Shopee for S$19.90.

4. This bundle of 2 Amazin’ Graze Granola.

Amazin' Graze Granola Halal

This granola can be enjoyed with milk like a regular breakfast cereal, as crunchy toppings, or simply as a snack on its own. Comes in 6 yummy flavours, including familiar Asian ones like Salted Gula Melaka and Coconut Kaya.

Buy it from Shopee for S$19.62.

5. This popcorn that comes in very unique flavours.

Eureka Salted Egg Popcorn

The pioneer Malaysian brand to come up with gourmet flavoured popcorns, Eureka is certainly a game changer when it comes to TV snacks. Their popcorns come in a variety of mind-boggling flavours like salted egg, wasabi, kimchi, spicy cuttlefish and more.

Buy it from Shopee from S$7.75.

6. This Korean BBQ marinade sauce that will absorb right into your meats and give you the K-BBQ experience at home..

korean marinades

The Bulgogi BBQ Marinade is perfect for sliced beef while Kalbi BBQ Marinade pairs well with beef ribs or short ribs. Both marinades are made without flavour enhancers and preservatives, and are gluten free. Oppa approves!

Buy it from Shopee for S$3.20.

7. This sweet and spicycabbage kimchi is a must-have side dish at every Korean meal.

Jongga Kimchi - Cut Cabbage Kimchi

These fermented Korean side dishes can be eaten alone or with white rice, but can also be included in other recipes such as fried rice, soups and rice cakes. They are also rich in probiotics which are good for your gut health.

Buy it from Shopee from S$3.10.

8. These slightly atas nut mixes.

Amazin Graze nut mixes

These are not your average snacks. Every pack features a mix of nuts such as pecans, almonds, cashews, walnuts dressed in a variety of Asian flavours like Sweet Chilli, Coconut Curry and Pandan Coconut.

Buy it from Shopee from S$9.90.

9. These animal-shaped rice puffs for babies.

multigrain puffs

These multigrain puff snacks are specially made for babies’ teething so that they grow up with strong and healthy teeth. They are made with selected brown jasmine rice, along with real fruits and vegetables, and have a “melt in the mouth texture”.

Buy it from Shopee for S$3.80.

10. These powder sprinkles to make your own shaker fries.


We’ve always wanted to recreate our favourite Shaker Fries at home, so these sprinkles will be our new staple! They come in many flavours too; take your pick from seaweed, wasabi, BBQ, tom yum, mala, satay, and more!

Buy it from Shopee from S$4.50.

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