IKEA now sells Raya festive treats like cranberries pineapple balls, cheese bangkit and ondeh-ondeh cake

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IKEA festive treats

A visit to IKEA before Hari Raya comes is almost tradition at this point, so we’re pleasantly surprised when we discovered that the Swedish furniture company is also selling festive Raya treats this year.

These halal-certified goodies are available at the Swedish Food Market from 10 April to 12 May, and range from familiar favourites to slightly amped up versions of classic cookies and cakes.

See what’s available:

Cranberries pineapple ball, 360g (S$7.90)

cranberries pineapple ball IKEA

Red velvet cheese cookies, 260g (S$7.90)

red velvet cheese IKEA

Sugee cashew, 200g (S$6.90)

sugee cashew IKEA

Cheese bangkit, 240g (S$7.90)

cheese bangkit IKEA

Cookies aside, the line-up of IKEA festive treats also includes layer cakes and whole cakes. If you’re a IKEA Family member, the whole cakes are offered at a discounted price.

Original layer cake, 270g (S$7.50)

original layer cake IKEA

Cranberry layer cake, 270g (S$8.50)

cranberry layer cake IKEA

Rainbow cake


Normal price: S$24.90
IKEA Family price: S$21.90

Ondeh ondeh cake

ondeh ondeh cake IKEA

Normal price: S$23.90
IKEA Family price: S$20.90

Almond chocolate cake

almond chocolate cake IKEA

Normal price: S$23.90
IKEA Family price: S$20.90

With a whole lot of affordable options to choose from, taking a quick stop at the Swedish Food Market after your regular IKEA homeware run won’t be a bad idea after all.

Available only while stocks last.

Festive menu at IKEA Restaurant not halal

The IKEA Restaurant also launched a new festive menu recently. However, these were marked as non-halal on the website.

Upon enquiry by The Halal Eater, IKEA mentioned that they had plans to sell them on the Halal lane, but had to change the plan “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

It is quite a shame as Nasi Kerabu would be perfect for Iftar in between our shopping at IKEA.

Non-halal festive menu
Sceenshot from www.ikea.com

However, IKEA also told us that there are two new items in the halal menu: Lamb chop and mashed potato with brown sauce (S$11) and Chicken Chop with Aglio Olio (S$11).

These will start selling from April 12.

View the halal menu here.

IKEA Tampines

  • Address: 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764
  • Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm Sun – Thur | 11am – 11pm Fri & Sat

IKEA Alexandra

  • Address: 317 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159965
  • Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm Sun – Thur | 10am – 11pm Fri & Sat

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