This smart home kitchen appliance is 60% cheaper than Thermomix, first deliveries expected in September

TOKIT Omni Cook

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An ongoing Kickstarter campaign that caught our eye recently is the pre-sale of TOKIT Omni Cook, the multi-function, all-in-one kitchen appliance, ahead of its commercial availability in September of 2021.

Crowdfunding for the TOKIT Omni Cook launched in June 2021 but it has already achieved over 190% of its intended goal as of the time of writing i.e. you should order pre-order ASAP if you’re keen too.

The easiest comparison to the TOKIT Omni Cook is the multi-functional Thermomix TM6 cooking device. There’s also a huge price difference: The TM6 costs S$2,398, while the special price on the TOKIT is USD699 (S$946).

All-in-one kitchen tool

There are two parts to the TOKIT Omni Cook: the appliance base, which weighs, chops, kneads, minces, cooks and steams food until a meal is ready. In fact, the Omni Cook claims to replace up to 21 cooking gadgets in your kitchen.

TOKIT Omni Cook all-in-one
Photo by TOKIT/Kickstarter

The Omni Cook also comes with an integrated 7-inch touchscreen display. The screen lets users browse recipes and watch guided cooking videos. Together with a control knob, the screen talks with and controls the base.

TOKIT Omni Cook touch screen
Photo by TOKIT/Kickstarter

For instance, if the recipe calls for sautéing chopped onions for five minutes, the screen would say “add 30g of canola oil.” The screen also displays the weight as you add the ingredient in. Super helpful!

After the user adds the canola oil into the cooking bowl, they would turn and press the control knob and the cooking device would heat and stir the ingredients for five minutes.

Once completed, the screen would then show the the recipe’s next step.

Key differences and specs

Besides the stark price difference, the TOKIT Omni Cook also differs from the TM6 in other ways.

One major difference is that users get unlimited free access to a cloud recipe database with the Omni Cook.

Photo by TOKIT/Kickstarter.

For Thermomix, an annual subscription is required to access recipes. However, Thermomix boasts thousands of recipes in their database while TOKIT only has hundreds.

In terms of speed, TM6 has a maximum speed of 10,700 rotations per minute (RPM). The Omni Cook can run considerably faster, up to 12,000 RPM. Depending on what you’re using these smart appliances for, speed may or may not make a difference.

Photo by TOKIT/Kickstarter.

Another key difference we observed is temperature range. In TM6, you can choose temperatures anywhere from 35 degrees to 120 degrees Celcius whereas the Omni Cook’s has a higher range up to 180 degrees Celcius, allowing you to be in more control of your cooking.

Here’s the full comparison:

Comparison of TOKIT Omni Cook vs peers
Photo by TOKIT/Kickstarter

And here are the product specs:

TOKIT Omni Cook key specs
Photo by TOKIT/Kickstarter

Click HERE to pre-order your TOKIT Omni Kit (early bird price of S$946). Limited quantities available.

What can you cook with the TOKIT Omni Cook?

Perhaps the most important deciding factor for noob cooks like us is what kind of dishes the Omni Cook can whip up. The answer: Quite a lot, even local dishes too!

Here are a few examples.

Singapore Chilli Crab


Hainanese Chicken Rice

How to buy & when will I receive it?

The Kickstarter campaign for the Omni Cook is now live, and will run till August 9, 2021.

NOTE: All the “Super Early Bird Price” and “Early Bird Price” products are sold out. But the remaining price tiers available are still significantly cheaper.

The company expects the first units to start shipping to early-bird backers starting in August, while the bulk of backers can expect shipments in September.

Beyond Kickstarter plans, the company also revealed that they’ll be launching add-on accessories, including mixing bowls, steamer sets, blades sets and more.

For more information, check out TOKIT’s Kickstarter page.

Top images by TOKIT/Kickstarter.

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