Halal eatery in Changi serves unique Western and fusion cuisine like Nasi Lemak Goreng & Soft Shell Crab Rendang Burger

Only in the East.
The shopfront

Easties clearly have no shortage of food places to explore. Case in point: this relatively obscure eatery on Changi Road.

We’re talking about Enam: Food For All or just Enam for short, a shophouse eatery that opened in June this year and serves a melange of Western-Asian fusion cuisine.

The outlet is housed in a no-frills, casual setting on the ground floor of a shophouse unit.

With black as a dominant colour scheme, the place is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot. So consider this an introduction.

Enam’s Specials

The muslim-owned eatery offers a wide range of menu items, ranging from burgers, to grilled meats, pastas and platters.

However, here are the specials you should know about:

Nasi Lemak Goreng (S$6.50)

Enam Special Nasi Lemak Goreng
Photo by Enam SG/Facebook

Unlike most Nasi Lemak, Enam’s version features a coconut rice base that’s fried with sambal and served with ayam goreng berempah (spiced fried chicken thigh).

Lamb Shank Rice (S$15.90)

Lamb Shank Rice
Photo by Enam SG/Facebook

A thick slab of lamb shank coated with home-made spices is the centrepiece of this dish, a signature dish by Enam’s head chef.

Seafood Shovel (S$29.90)

Enam Seafood Shovel
Photo by Enam SG/Facebook

Dining with friends or just absolutely hungry? This Seafood Shovel is perfect for sharing and customisable too — diners have four sauces to choose from: Lemak cili api, cili kicap, salted egg, and black pepper.

Other mains on the menu

Besides the unmissable signature dishes, the Changi eatery also has other options for those looking to indulge in more unusual offerings.

Soft-shell Crab Rendang Burger (S$13.90)

Soft shell crab rendang burger
Photo by Enam SG/Facebook

We’ve seen rendang and soft shell crab burgers before, but they’ve only existed as separate entities…until now. Enam combines both elements into a burger that’s undeniably quirky, but looks so darn good.

Not a fan of soft shell crabs? Other burger options include the Sloppy 6nam (S$13.90) and Burger Bako (S$12.90).

Masalah Fish & Chips (S$14.90)

Masalah fish and chips
Photo by Enam SG/Facebook

White dory fish fillet is coated with Enam’s crispy batter and served with fries and tartar sauce.

For diners with a more Asian palate, there are also more familiar dishes such as Nasi Goreng Seafood Pattaya and Mee Hong Kong.

Check out the rest of the menu:

Enam menu
Photo via Google Reviews
Enam menu
Photo via Google Reviews

The space

Enam is located along the stretch of shophouses on Changi Road.

Black is the undeniable colour of choice here; almost everything from the walls to the chairs are black.

The shopfront
Photo by LayPark Production/Facebook

Decorations are minimal here. Aside from framed photos of their dishes and a couple of electric guitars as wall decorations, there aren’t many other design elements here.

All-black interior
Photo via Google Reviews

That’s not to say it’s a bad thing though. We imagine Enam to be the kind of place that we visit to get properly fed, not to take pretty pictures at.

And judging from the food photos we’ve seen so far, this place is worth checking out next time we’re in the east.

Address: 285 Changi Road, Singapore 419764
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: 12pm – 11pm (Closed on Mondays)
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