Halal-certified stall in Tiong Bahru Market sells nasi lemak with blue pea rice and giant whole chicken leg

Set B Nasi Lemak - Fried Whole Leg

Stalls selling Nasi Lemak, one of Singapore’s most notable dishes, are a dime a dozen.

But occasionally, we see creative versions of this iconic dish emerge and this one is no exception.

The Coco Rice is a stall located in Tiong Bahru Market, and as its name suggests, it specialises in the coconut-infused rice dish that we know so well.

Except that the nasi lemak here is not white, but blue.

Blue pea nasi lemak rice

The Coco Rice was established earlier this year by Ms. Aries Chan, the founder behind home-based business Nasi Lemak Indulgence that is known for its signature Nasi Lemak Cake.

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Nasi Lemak Cake
Photo by The Coco Rice/Facebook

On Oct. 4, The Coco Rice announced on social media that it is officially MUIS halal-certified.

The stall serves a variety of nasi lemak combinations, but one thing remains constant: blue rice.

Blue pea rice
Photo by The Coco Rice/Facebook

Here, the rice is tinged purplish-blue by butterfly pea flowers, a stark difference from the usual white rice widely available elsewhere.

Each plate of nasi lemak comes surrounded by small heaps of standard ingredients that include crunchy peanuts and ikan bilis, sliced cucumbers, a sunny-side-up egg, all to be doused with the quintessential sambal.

The protein that comes with each set varies, and ranges from huge chicken thighs and petai prawns to meatless options like tempeh.

Check out the different sets below:

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Set A Nasi Lemak – Meatless Option (S$6.90)

Set A Nasi Lemak - Meatless Option
Photo by The Coco Rice

Set B Nasi Lemak – Fried Whole Leg (S$7.90)

Set B Nasi Lemak - Fried Whole Leg
Photo by The Coco Rice

Set C Nasi Lemak – Fried Fish (S$8.90)

The Coco Rice Set C Nasi Lemak - Fried Fish
Photo by The Coco Rice

Set D Nasi Lemak – Sambal Prawn Petai (S$9.90)

The Coco Rice Set D Nasi Lemak - Sambal Prawn Petai
Photo by The Coco Rice

Hard-to-miss shopfront

Blue pea nasi lemak isn’t the only aesthetically pleasing thing at the stall; its shopfront is also quite the showstopper.

The Coco Rice shopfront
Photo by Miss Tam Chiak

Cloaked in the brand’s signature blue hue, the shopfront looks visually arresting in a sea of stainless steel.

There’s even a wooden shelf holding vintage artefacts like a tiffin food carrier, pestle and mortar, and enamel plates — old-school chic!

The coco rice vintage artefacts
Photo by The Coco Rice/Facebook

On the right are photo frames showcasing the shop’s numerous media mentions and pictures of the founder.

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The shop is pretty and all, but really, how does the food fare?

We’re very certain almost everyone has their favourite nasi lemak shop, but for now, we will hold our judgment till we give The Coco Rice a try very soon.

The Coco Rice

Address: 30 Seng Poh Rd, Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre #02-58, Singapore 168898
Halal Status: MUIS halal-certified
Opening hours: 9.30am to 5pm (or till sold out)
Instagram | Facebook

Top photos by Miss Tam Chiak and The Coco Rice.

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