S’pore churros brand turns their products into Netflix’s Squid Game characters, but it has a cute ending

So cute!

By now, “Squid Game,” the South Korean dystopian thriller on Netflix, has blown into a worldwide phenomenon.

Expectedly, the tremendously popular show has spawned an onslaught of “Squid Game” trend-jacking by brands big and small.

MARIGOLD HL Milk SG Squid Game
Photo by MARIGOLD HL Milk SG/Facebook

Amongst the many Squid Game-inspired posts we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, there seems to be a dearth in creativity — putting your company logo on dalgona candy is, honestly, quite overdone.

But yesterday (Oct. 8), our newsfeed has been blessed by a refreshing video on the social media trend.

Churros brand climb aboard the hype train

Singaporean brand Chulop! is the latest to jump onboard the Squid Game hype train.

The churros brand by local personalities Syarif Sleeq and wife Malaque Mahdaly decided to incorporate the Netflix mega-hit into a marketing stunt by creating a stop motion video featuring its products, specifically their churro bites and bottled milk.

In the video parodying the game “Red Light, Green Light” from the series are Chulop!’s churro bites as the game participants, a bottled milk as the gigantic killer robot doll, and dips as the menacing guards.

Chulop churros
Screenshot of Chulop!’s video. Cr: @chulopsg
Chulop milk
Screenshot of Chulop!’s video. Cr: @chulopsg

The one-minute long video shows the churro bites race to the finish line, while intermittently grinding to a halt when the bottled milk turns around to give the ‘Red Light’.

The sound fx from the show adds to the eeriness of the video.

Quite expectedly, one of the churro bites eventually fell on its side and consequently, its death, as it got “stabbed” by a skewer.

chulop churros squid game
GIF from Chulop!’s video. Cr: @chulopsg

But, just like the original Squid Game, nothing is as it seems here as we later see a surprisingly cute ending.

We won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say we want to eat churros now!

Watch the full video below:

Hidden discount “quote” in video

Chulop!’s Squid Game video is not just beautifully shot, it’s also intentional.

To drive sales at its shop in East Village, Chulop! has hidden a promotion within the video.

Sharp-eyed viewers will easily discover a secret “QUOTE” in the video which will entitle them to a 20% discount off their bill.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Redemption period 11th – 14th October 2021.
  • Redemption is for walk-in purchases only.
  • Limit to 10 unique redemptions per day only.
  • Limit to 1 redemption per customer per transaction.
  • Minimum spent of $20 to enjoy the discount.

Sure, it’s not the Squid Game cash prize we’re hoping for, but a discount code is still a sweet deal.

Chulop! is located at East Village, 430 Upper Changi Road #01-59, Singapore 487048.

Top images by Chulop!

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