7 places you can tapau food for iftar under $10 via foodpanda pick-up

Up to 35% off pick-up orders from 11 Apr – 1 May

Maybe you just bought roundtrip tickets to make up for lost time or you just splurged on a new kitchen renovation for Hari Raya. Whatever you’ve been up to lately, you could probably use some budget-friendly takeout for Iftar.

From 11 April to 1 May, foodpanda is offering 15% to 35% off your pick-up orders, so here are 7 great tapau options that won’t cost you more than $10 (after discount).

1. Domino’s (35% Off)

tapau dominos
Photo cr: Domino’s

Usually, we like to enjoy a pizza party with friends. But if you don’t feel like having social interactions during Iftar (we understand), tapau an 6” Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza for $9.70 (U.P. $14.90) or a 6” Simply Cheese Pizza for $7.70 (U.P. $11.90) loaded with 100% cheese.

2. Subway (35% Off)

Subway on foodpanda
Photo cr: Subway

The next time you want to exchange $10 for a large amount of meat, cheese, and veggies, tapau a sub from Subway. You can even make a meal out of it (never say no to Subway cookies) and it’ll still be under $10.

3. Long John Silver’s (35% Off)

tapau long john silver's
Photo cr: Long John Silver’s

For $10, you can stand in line at a Ramadan bazaar to get an overpriced Roti John—or you can go to Long John Silver’s and get their golden-battered fish, chicken and/or seafood with some sides like fries and a drink with coin to spare. And, unlike the Ramadan bazaar, you can skip the queue entirely when you order via foodpanda pick-up.

4. Crave (35% Off)

crave nasi lemak on foodpanda
Photo cr: Crave

This homegrown Nasi Lemak brand has coconut rice paired with everything from selar fish and fish filet to chicken wing and chicken curry, and nothing costs more than $10 if you tapau using foodpanda pick-up. For instance, the Ramadan bundle for one (1 nasi lemak + 1 beverage + 2 otah) will only set you back $6.20 (U.P. $9.50).

5. Popeye’s (35% Off)

tapau popeyes foodpanda
Photo cr: Popeyes

A to-go box full of fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits might just be the kindest gift you can give yourself right now. If you’re near a Popeye’s outlet, your crispy gift will come coated in an egg-and-flour batter that’ll make every other fried chicken combo in your life seem forgettable. Tapau the 3pc Chix Combo for just $8.80 (U.P. $13.50) on foodpanda.

6. Butter Bean (35% Off)

Butter Bean on foodpanda
Photo cr: Butter Bean

There’s a lot to love about the dishes on the menu at BreadTalk Group’s halal-certified cafe concept. But for the purposes of this guide, we’ll suggest this wallet-friendly item: Main Set which includes iced kopi, teh latte or lemon lime tea, and a kaya toast for only S$8.19 (U.P. $12.60) There are 4 mains to choose from, but our fave is the Curry on Sunshine, a Singapore-style curry paired with fried chicken and a blanket of scrambled eggs.

7. Wingstop (35% Off)

Wingstop on foodpanda
Photo cr: Wingstop

Here’s something that should make your day: some of the very best American chicken wings are available for tapau. Get the flavour-packed 8 piece Classic Wings Combo for only S$9.52 (U.P. $14.65) which comes in 2 flavours of your choice (may we suggest the Kecap Manis and Louisiana Rub?), one side, a ranch dip, and a drink.

Tapau with foodpanda pick-up

If you’ve been on the fence about using pick-up on foodpanda, now’s the best time to start. With pick-up, there are no delivery fees, guaranteed discounts from 15% off and you can always skip the queue. 

From 11 April to 1 May, select restaurants like the ones featured above are offering up to 35% discount on pick-up orders, with no voucher code and no minimum order needed. More savings all around!

foodpanda pick-up has been a lifesaver this month as I juggle work, a social life, and getting food on the table for breaking fast.

I can make a pick-up order via foodpanda and self-collect from the restaurant in as fast as 10 minutes, or schedule a pick-up up to 3 days in advance. No more soggy fries!

Here’s how to use pick-up on the foodpanda app:

pick-up screenshot on foodpanda
Photo cr: foodpanda

All information is accurate at the time of writing.

This article is brought to you in partnership with foodpanda.

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