Beef noodles with thick black gravy, sambal belacan & cincaluk available at this Yishun hidden gem

Savoury, spicy goodness.
d beef noodle

Here at The Halal Eater, we are more accustomed to the flavoursome but clear soup bases in our bowl of Lanzhou beef noodle or Indonesian-style mee bakso.

But this murky bowl of beef noodles at Junction Nine in Yishun is made with a rich, black broth and accompanied with belacan and cincaluk instead.

Secret family recipe

The physical store, called D’Beef Noodle, just opened earlier this month although it seems like the business has been operating since 2020.

According to the stall’s Instagram page, the owners prepare their beef noodle by simmering the broth into a thick flavourful gravy.

The gravy, which is a secret family recipe, is described as “deeply savoury and suggestively spicy.”

A bowl of beef noodles (S$7) includes laksa noodle, sliced beef, beef balls, beef gravy and condiments.

These include their signature sambal belacan that customers can add to dial up the spiciness, as well as cincaluk, sesame oil, fried shallots and chopped celery.

Beefball Bakar

Other than the beef ball noodle, the stall also sells Beefball Bakar ($7) which comprises of seven beef balls roasted and coated in spicy sambal kicap.

Condiments include mayo, sambal kicap, chopped onions and chopped cucumber.

Pre-order for Ramadan

During the fasting month, D’Beef Noodle is taking daily pre-orders so that customers can easily collect their beef noodles just in time for iftar.

Walk-in purchases are also available all day, but we highly suggest to pre-order to avoid disappointment.

D’Beef Noodle

Address: 18 Yishun Ave 9, Junction Nine Mall #02-61, Singapore 768897
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: 11am – 7pm

Top photos by Junction Nine and D’Beef Noodle.

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