How to get a FREE Nissin x Irvins Bowl Mala Salted Egg Noodles before anyone else

I’m FOMO-ing so hard right now.
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If you didn’t already know, NISSIN and IRVINS recently came up with a new instant noodles flavour: Salted Egg Mala!

NISSIN Salted Egg Mala new flavour
Source: Irvins

It’s definitely a fusion of flavours that will rock your taste buds. BUT…it’s not available for purchase just yet.

However, if you can’t wait for the official release date, you can grab a free bowl before anyone else right now.

Here’s how you can do so.

Gift with purchase

Source: Irvins

You simply need to purchase 2 bundles of NISSIN x IRVINS instant noodle packets and get a complimentary bowl of the new Salted Egg Mala flavour (worth $2.90) for free!

This offer is valid till 30 April or while stocks last.

Currently, two instant noodle flavours are available: Salted Egg and Hot Boom (a spicy version of the Salted Egg).

Nissin Irvins Bag Salted Egg Noodles
Source: Irvins
Nissin Irvins Bag Spicy Salted Egg Hot Boom
Source: Irvins

We can confirm this works.

We tried this in Shopee, and the free Salted Egg Mala bowl magically appeared in our cart!

So fans of mala and salted egg, go forth and give your stomach a well-deserved treat (or punishment).

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