Gomgom: Wholesome subs, burritos, rice bowls and English muffins in the CBD

Their spicy chicken is a must-try!
Gomgom storefront


Discover Gomgom, a relatively little-known eatery nestled in the heart of the bustling CBD. If you’re familiar with okieco’s NYC-style banana pudding that we gushed about during the pandemic, Gomgom is owned and operated by the same sibling duo!

Gomgom’s latest outfit at The Basement in Hong Leong Building is best described as a quick-service deli that offers Subway-style sandwiches, English muffins, burrito and rice bowls. The menu was crafted specifically for the time-strapped office crowd, offering a quick dining experience without straining the wallet.

Subway-style Sandwiches/Subs

The heart and soul of Gomgom’s offerings lies in their Subway-style sandwiches or subs.

Roasted Chicken Mayo
Roasted Chicken Mayo

The new CBD location features all of Gomgom’s most popular sandwiches, notably the Roasted Chicken Mayo, which is oven-roasted chicken breast, herb blend, creamy mayonnaise and the works as it relates to veggies; the Spicy Chicken – the owners’ top recommendation – topped with whatever sauce you like and the works; and the Cheesesteak, a sandwich with à la minute grilled beef topped with caramelized onions and pepperjack cheese. 

Each sub is skillfully crafted using fresh, locally sourced ingredients that perfectly complement one another. Although there are only 2 bread options – oregano and oatmeal – it serves as a solid base for the delightful array of flavours that unfold with each bite.

English Muffins: Toasted Delights for Breakfast or Lunch

For those seeking a departure from the traditional sandwich fare, Gomgom’s English muffins (from S$3.50) are great snack options to help tide you over between meals. 

These golden pockets of goodness, toasted to perfection, are filled with an array of high-satiety ingredients.

English muffins
Chicken Sausage & Egg Muffin

Picture a delicate muffin embracing a medley of perfectly round egg, savoury chicken sausage or turkey ham, and cheddar cheese. You can also add any of the 8 sauces available. The result is a wholesome breakfast that keeps you satiated even after the last crumb has disappeared.

In particular, the Chicken Sausage & Egg Muffin (S$4.50) was surprisingly satisfying as a punchy breakfast item that kept our tanks full enough to last all morning.

Burrito and Rice Bowls: Exploring Gomgom’s Fusion of Flavours

Not to be missed are Gomgom’s burrito and rice bowls, which showcase a fusion of flavours.


Delicately wrapped in a warm tortilla, the burrito offers a tantalizing marriage of pepper tumeric rice (a house specialty), tender meats, vibrant vegetables, and creamy sauces.

gomgom rice bowl

On the other hand, the rice bowls bring together a harmony of perfectly cooked grains, fresh greens, and a choice of succulent proteins, all served in conveniently portable kraft bowls, should you decide to da bao back to the office.

Cookies & banana pudding: Desserts for one or for sharing

Speaking of da bao, a trip to Gomgom (especially during the crazy lunch hour) would be all the more worth it with cookies and/or banana pudding in hand.

okieco’s aforementioned banana pudding (S$6.50 for 6oz, S$12.90 for a pint*) is a luscious delight, layering creamy vanilla pudding with slices of ripe bananas and vanilla wafers.

*Note that the large pints are only available via pre-order on okieco’s website.

Gomgom banana pudding
Banana Pudding 6oz

If you’re feeling generous, grab a bag (or two) of bite-sized cookies to share with your office bestie. These cookies are baked in small batches in-store, so you are guaranteed the freshest bites possible. Available in 100g bags (S$6.50 each) in crowd-pleasing flavours like chocolate chip and dark choc sea salt.

Cookies at Gomgom
Cookies at Gomgom

Affordability Meets Quality: Gomgom’s Budget-Friendly Offerings

In a city notorious for its exorbitant prices, Gomgom stands as a beacon of affordability. With the average price of its delectable creations well below the $10 mark, it is a no-brainer option for the office crowd in search of a satisfying meal that is pocket-friendly.

Gomgom menu

Even better, Gomgom is located in an air-conditioned venue with ample seating, within and surrounding the store. And we all know how this is a huge bonus point in hot and humid Singapore.

So, if you’re yearning for a CBD lunchtime destination that won’t break the bank or a sweat, look no further than Gomgom.


Address: 16 Raffles Quay, B1-51 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581
Halal Status: MUIS Halal-certified

7:30 am – 4:00 pm
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
7:30 am – 4:00 pm

This article is brought to you in partnership with Gomgom.

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