Auntie Anne’s and rrooll selling S$0.58 pretzel and cinnamon roll on National Day 2023

Cheap cheap, good good.

To celebrate Singapore’s 58th National Day, Auntie Anne’s and rrooll are launching a celebratory promotion for their best-selling items at only S$0.58 per piece.

S$0.58 pretzel and cinnamon roll

Auntie Anne’s, well-known for its delectable freshly baked pretzels, has an enticing offer of their signature Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel at the incredibly low price of only $0.58 cents.

Auntie Anne's x rrooll National Day Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel

Similarly, rrooll, Singapore’s pioneering halal-certified cinnamon roll chain, is set to delight customers with their delectable Signature Classic Cinnamon Roll, now offered at an irresistible price of only $0.58 cents.

Auntie Anne's x rrooll National Day Classic Cinnamon Roll

There’s a small catch though: The promotions are available on 9th August only from 11.58am to the first 100 customers per outlet.

These specials are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so needless to say, come early!

New otah items in collaboration with Lee Wee & Brothers

In collaboration with local brand Lee Wee & Brothers, Auntie Anne’s and rrooll will each launch a National Day item in August.

Auntie Anne's x rrooll National Day Seaweed Pretzel

At Auntie Anne’s, the collaboration features an Otah Seaweed Pretzel for S$4.30, which combines the aromatic and spicy flavours of Lee Wee & Brother’s signature otah paste with the delightful umami taste of seaweed.

Auntie Anne's x rrooll National Day Cheesy Roll

At rrooll, a Cheezy Otah Roll (S$4.20) will also feature Lee Wee & Brothers’ Otah Paste and Mozzarella cheese on top of their signature roll.

In addition to that, rrooll will also introduce another flavour – the Crunchy Ovomaltine Roll (S$3.90).

rrooll National Day Crunchy Ovomaltine

Chocolate lovers will definitely enjoy this delightful combination of decadent Ovomaltine spread and the delightful crunch of Ovomaltine’s signature crispy malt bits.

The launch of the Otah Seaweed Pretzel, Cheezy Otah Roll and Crunchy Ovomaltine rolls will be available at all Auntie Anne’s and rrooll’s outlets across Singapore from 1 to 31 August.

Photos by Auntie Anne’s and rrooll.

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