A comparison of 3 underrated food delivery services: WhyQ vs Feastbump vs Bungkus

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While the impact of the footpath ban on PMD has been a subject of political discourse as well as online fodder, how it has affected consumers’ consumption of food delivery platforms has yet to be seen.

This author certainly has not stopped ordering food via his smartphone, and has been fortunate enough to receive his orders as quickly as pre-ban times, if not faster.

We have all heard of and perhaps even used all three major food delivery apps in Singapore – Grabfood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo, but they are by no means the only food delivery services out there.

Here, we take a look at three underrated food delivery services and compare them against each other.

Factors we considered

In determining the pros and cons for each food delivery platform, we established standard measures to judge the providers against. Undeniably, all of them have unique selling points which we will include below as well.

Here were our top considerations:

Factors to consider
Delivery area Do they deliver to the address we put in?What areas do they not serve?
Selection of merchants Variety of F&B brands to choose from
Halal filter How easy to filter halal-certified or Muslim-owned establishments
Food delivery fee Affordability of such fees
Minimum spend Is there a minimum order to fulfil?
Miscellaneous fees Do they charge fees for takeaway or is there surge?

We would like to point out that these service providers are all local startups. The time that they have been in market would obviously vary, but they all aim to do the same thing – serve convenience-obsessed Singapore.

So, do support them by using their services when you can. We’ve also included our referral codes wherever available to get you started.

1. WhyQ

WhyQ was born out of the founders’ frustration with long queues at food courts and hawker centres.

With hundreds of food stalls at a variety of food courts and hawker centres as their partners, WhyQ essentially eliminates all the pain points of getting hawker food – chopeing tables, hot and humid environs, and well, long queues.

WhyQ ‘s core target customers seem to be time-strapped office workers in the CBD so it’s no surprise that there are more food stalls serving that area than residential areas.

Flat $1.50 delivery fee, lowest in market Delivery locations limited by proximity to hawker centres
No minimum order Less merchants to select from
Can order from different stalls in same hawker centre as part of one order Pre-orders only
Hawker love No halal filter
Regular release of promo codes App only

Great for: Office workers in CBD

Get your favourite hawker meal free with WhyQ. Use our referral code 3ed201 while registering to get $3 off.

2. Feastbump / Oddle

FeastBump came about in 2016 as an extension of Oddle, a business that offers customisable virtual storefronts to F&B owners.

FeastBump functions as a marketplace where customers can discover all the restaurants on the platform and check out via the Oddle-powered online ordering menu.

Over 700 restaurants currently on the platform Requires minimum order; amount varies from merchant to merchant
Halal/Muslim-owned filter available Relatively high delivery fees
Popular F&B brands Some eateries may charge marked up prices than their in-house menu
Delivers to pretty much anywhere No app; web orders only

Great for: when you have to order in bulk; for special occasions at home like birthdays, kenduri, family gatherings etc.

3. Bungkus

Bungkus first launched during Ramadan in 2019, where it allowed customers to order food from the Ramadan bazaar at Sultan Mosque and have it delivered to their homes for iftar.

Since then, the halal food marketplace and delivery service has expanded to serve brick-and-mortar shops and hungry customers across the island.

All food establishments are guaranteed halal Delivery fees vary and are calculated based on distance
Islandwide delivery including Sentosa and Tuas South Minimum order of at least $10 applies for most merchants
Partners with small and often overlooked merchants Some eateries may charge marked up prices than their in-house menu

Great for: peace of mind as all the food are halal. Also great for west-siders to get food from obscure eateries in the east, and vice versa.

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