Halal burgers for every budget in 2020: Affordable vs Mid-Range vs Premium

There’s a bun for everyone.
Halal burger places for every budget

For a long time, it seems like McDonald’s and Burger King are the only places to get the nation’s most storied burgers.

And it will likely be the same for a little longer. The McSpicy will always have a special place in my heart and we get excited every time the Prosperity Burger returns.

As time passed, more and more eateries got into the burger game, responding to the ever-changing tastes of the dining scene, including an increasing demand for halal food like halal steaks and halal butcheries for DIY cooks.

There are some options on this list that are household icons, while other up-and-coming ones have become must-tries in this burger-obsessed city.

To even the field, we have only looked at classic beef burgers. So here are the ones to try around Singapore, at various price points to suit your budget.

Name Type Location Price of cheapest burger
Ministry of Burgers Affordable E!Hub @ Downtown East $4.50
Burgs by Project Warung Viva Business Park / Timbre+ $5.50 – $6
Ashes SG Burnnit Golden Mile Food Centre $5.90
Burgernomics Pasir Ris $6
Toko Burgers & Cheesesteak Joo Chiat Road / Our Tampines Hub $6.90
The Flame Shack Mid-Range Tampines Food Co $7.50
Fatburger Velocity@Novena Square / KINEX $8.50
Working Title North Bridge Road $12.90
Citrus By The Pool Premium Woodlands / Sengkang $14.90
Fat Papas Bali Lane / Northpoint / Century Square $15
I Am… Haji Lane $16.90
The Social Outcast Tampines $18


1. Ministry of Burgers

Opened in 2018, MOB serves one of Singapore’s quintessential pasar malam burgers—the Ramly style burger. Of course, this is not just any Ramly burger; the eatery has elevated the humble burger to feature thicker patties and stacked them to form some gravity-defying items. And with the classic single patty burger going for $4.50, we are not complaining.

  • Address: E!Hub @ Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close #01-K101 (New location)
  • Facebook

2. Burgs By Project Warung

Burger from Burgs
Photograph: Burgs/Facebook

One of the OG burger specialists to sell restaurant quality burgers in hawker centres, Burgs set out to produce quality burgers for the masses. And they have stuck by that philosophy.

Their ingredients are all handmade from scratch while prices remain affordable for the man on the street. You’ll do fine with any of their burgers, but do also save some stomach space for sides such as their mac & cheese and loaded fries.

3. Ashes SG Burnnit

Taking over Burgs’ original stall at Golden Mile Food Centre, Ashes is another contender for wallet-friendly halal burgers.

Their signature burgers feature their homemade charcoal buns and beef patties that are grilled American style — smashed onto the hot grill.

Burgers aside, another unique item on the menu is the froissant, an ice cream filled croissant that is an unlikely but delicious addition to the burger-hawker’s menu.

  • Address: Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-24, 505 Beach Road
  • Facebook

4. Burgernomics

Simplicity is the name of the game at Burgernomics. If you are searching for simple yet satisfying burgers, this is the place to be.

The economics (pun intended) of eating here will also not burn a hole in your wallet as all the burgers are under $8.

  • Address: 110, Pasir Ris Central, #02-03
  • Facebook

5. Toko Burgers & Cheesesteaks

As the name suggests, this eatery in the East specialises in burgers and cheesesteaks.

For a fuss-free bite, grab their $6.90 Toko Burger, which features a hand-mixed and pressed beef patty, topped with a homemade special sauce made with 7 herbs and spices, laid on a bed of fresh lettuce. Done!


6. The Flame Shack

If there’s a third wave burger movement, I’m sure The Flame Shack is a part of it.

Situated in techy food court Tampines Food Co, The Flame Shack offers affordable gourmet burgers via self-ordering kiosks which you collect at a designated locker. Mind-blown.

Tech-aside, the eatery is also pushing the envelope, menu-wise. Amongst their hefty creations are the Triple Beef Stack and Asam Pedas Fish Burger.

Don’t fancy a trip to Tampines? The Flame Shack just started offering pick-ups at some neighbourhood areas. Check their Instagram for deets.

  • Address: Tampines Food Co, 10, Tampines North Drive 4, #01-05 JTC Space
  • Website
  • Instagram

7. Fatburger

Burger from Fatburger
Photograph: Fatburger Singapore/Facebook

The only international import—and fast food chain—on this list, Fatburger is the closest we can get to alternative American burgers at this point.

We are not sure if the other big chains like Shake Shack and Five Guys will ever get halal-certified, but at least you get to try what Hollywood is fussing over at Fatburger.

8. Working Title

Working Title is primarily a burger bar; burgers take up half the space on its menu. Ever since its inception, burgers have been a mainstay on their menu and we can see why.

The classics like the beef and chicken burgers are always a safe bet, but you might also want to indulge in the intimidating Tower of Power if you dare.


9. Citrus By The Pool

Citrus By The Pool’s hearty purple cabbage slaw, satay-sauced, beef+mutton patty-stuffed Little Boss Burger ushered in the era of the gourmet chef burger in the heartlands. It is huge and comes on a toasted charcoal bun, served with potato wedges for $14.90.

  • Address: Woodlands Swimming Complex, 3 Woodlands Street 13 (Citrus By The Pool)
  • Address: Sengkang Sports Centre, 57 Anchorvale Rd (The Citrus Bistro)
  • Website
  • Facebook

10. Fat Papas

Burger from Fat Papas
Photograph: Fatpapas/Facebook

Not to be confused with Fatburger above, nor its non-halal brother Fat Boys, Fat Papas is a burger institution in its own right. Their specialty burgers are homemade using chilled Australian chuck tender.

And there are a lot to savour here. There isn’t a classic beef burger per se, but the $15 Wimpy burger would be the closest you can get to a basic burg.

11. I Am…

The original I Am… Cafe is located at the hard-to-miss entrance to Haji Lane where they have been serving Dutch-inspired cuisine for over five years, including the Charcoal-Grilled Juicy Beef Burger which cost $16.90 a pop.

12. The Social Outcast

The Social Outcast sure does not play by any rules. They march at the beat of their own drums, which is why only them would put a $18 beef burger on the menu. Quite the bold offering for a hawker stall in Tampines.

But this isn’t an ordinary burger. The beef patty is made from “400 days grain fed Australia F1 Wagyu beef”, which we suspect is rarer than most beef we’ve had in our lifetime.

  • Address: Tampines Street 22, Block 280
  • Facebook

Think we missed out something on this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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