Nasi Padang and BBQ stall in Jurong serves durian sticky rice

Only 20 sets daily.

There is a food stall in JEM that serves up pulut durian (the Malay equivalent of a sticky rice) as we have never seen before.

Sedap Wok, a Muslim-owned stall in Koufu Cookhouse on Level 5 of JEM, recently added pulut durian ($8.90) to its menu, which is essentially a durian version of Thailand’s de facto dessert, mango sticky rice.

Sedap Wok in JEM
Photograph: Sedap Wok/Facebook

Sedap Wok is formerly known as Siam Wok in the now defunct Big Box food court.

Each order of the pulut durian gets you a bed of soft, chewy and sticky glutinous rice topped with 100% fresh durian paste, which is then drizzled with home-made sweet creamy coconut milk.

Durian Sticky Rice
Photograph: Sedap Wok/Facebook

These three ingredients combine to give the diner “an amazing massage on your palate”. Their words, not ours.

Durian season is in full swing right now which explains the emergence of many durian infused dishes like Pezzo’s durian pizza in the past month or so.

However, durian and glutinous rice combo is not particularly unusual in traditional Malay palate. The dessert that comes to mind is serawa durian (or alternatively known as pengat durian) which typically features fresh durian puree, coconut milk and palm sugar or white sugar cooked into a liquid gravy.

Sedap Wok’s version, however, seems to use durian paste in its thick, fleshy form.

Pulut durian at Sedap Wok
Photograph: Sedap Wok/Facebook

You might have to rush to get your hands on this dessert, though. Due to Sedap Wok’s stringent selection for the best durians, only 20 sets of Pulut Durian are made daily.

Sedap Wok also notes that the fresh durian paste is delivered fresh to their stall daily.

Boston lobsters at Sedap Wok
Photograph: Sedap Wok/Facebook

Besides the pulut durian, Sedap Wok has also been serving up Boston lobsters recently, which is unheard of for a stall in a food court.

If you are looking for something more familiar, Sedap Wok also serves up other interesting Asian dishes such as Kampong Chicken Fried Rice, Ayam Penyet, nasi padang and a variety of BBQ seafood.

While we may not be heading over any time soon, here’s the address and opening hours should you want to make a visit to the west:

JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Cookhouse by Koufu #05-01 Stall 18, Singapore 608549.
10am – 10pm

Top images by Sedap Wok Facebook and @mosmos88 on Instagram

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