All-French-fries eatery opens in Orchard; serves unique flavours like nasi lemak & chilli crab

Oh my.
Spuds Bolobolo Fries

Spuds, a specialty French fry eatery, has opened its first location earlier this month.

The restaurant is located in the basement of Midpoint Orchard, about 5 minutes walk from Somerset MRT Station.

Using only Gold grade standard quality fries imported all the way from USA, the newly launched brand is the latest friterie to appear in the market in recent months.

Fries with a fusion twist

The edge that Spuds seems to have against its competition is the myriad of local flavours they have infused with the unassuming French fries.

Spuds’ menu includes homey options like Bolobolo ($7.90) which features familar nasi lemak fix-ins like ikan bilis, cucumber, egg, peanuts and sambal.

Spuds Bolobolo Fries
Bolobolo. Photo: Fave Singapore

Then there is the Dolmat ($7.90) that marries fries with chicken satay and the accompanying satay sauce.

Spuds Dolmat

Or check out all-day breakfast-style Sunshine ($7.90) that comes loaded with classic diner breakfast ingredients such as turkey ham, pepperoni, tomato salsa and quails egg drenched with maple syrup.

Spuds Sunshine

It is apparent that the brand aims to provide diners with hearty meals that are also affordable.

Wacky names aside, a closer inspection of the menu will also reveal even more unusual finds.

For instance, there is the Unicorn ($7.90) which features a multi-coloured nachos cheese that might attract the millennial fast-casual diners in droves.

Spuds Unicorn

Lastly, there is the Avalanche ($6.90), a fries and ice-cream combo that takes the humble fries from side dish to dessert.

Take a look at the menu here:

Here’s where to find Spuds:
220 Orchard Road
Midpoint Orchard #B1-07
Singapore 238852

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Daily: 10:30am – 9:30pm

Photos by Spuds otherwise stated.

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