Pepper Lunch applying for halal certificate; outlets actively hiring Muslim staff

We’re looking forward to it!

Popular Japanese Teppan chain Pepper Lunch is in the midst of applying for halal certification for its outlets across Singapore, according to a job ad shared by Halalhub Consultants Pte Ltd on Friday (October 2).

The halal consultancy firm said in a Facebook post that there are “job opportunities for Muslim workers” and that all Pepper Lunch restaurants are currently hiring for various positions including restaurant managers and part-time crew.

In a job ad posted on Smart Jobs, the restaurant stated that “Halal application is in progress.”

Pepper Lunch has over 30 outlets across Singapore, at time of writing.

Photo: Pepper Lunch/Facebook

However, it is yet to be confirmed if the food brand has indeed applied for certification or how far along they are in the process.

Till they are officially halal-certified, please exercise due diligence and discretion before consuming their products.

The Halal Eater has reached out to Pepper Lunch and MUIS for comment.

Image from Smart Jobs.

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