The Staple Bowl: New rice bowl concept by the team behind The Katoshka

With yummy signature sauces.
Creamy tom yum sauce

With the pandemic preventing a lot of events from happening, it would seem that the future of events-based companies like The Katoshka would be bleak.

But no, the founders behind the russet fries brand have been working hard on a brand spanking new concept that’s sited at Goldhill Plaza (a short walk away from Novena MRT station).

The Staple B, a little eatery focusing on wholesome rice bowls, is now open for soft launch and we can’t wait to check it out. All we know for now is that the new concept will offer a modern take on a staple in the Asian diet: rice.

The Staple Bowl
Bowls of daily staples: Photo: The Staple Bowl

Rice and shine

The premise of The Staple B is simple: to serve grain bowls that are wholesome, nutritious and delicious.

To that end, all the rice bowls feature a blend of comfort ingredients and rich flavours. ⁣

According to their website, each bowl comes with “a generous serving of fragrant chicken-flavoured brown rice, sous vide egg, oven-baked chicken, Japanese cucumber, broccoli, chickpeas and a handcrafted sauce of your choice.”

Wholesome, nutritious and delicious
Wholesome rice bowls. Photo: The Staple Bowl

Similar to The Katoshka, there will be equal emphasis on both the base and sauces, so expect some interesting flavours here.

So far, there are five sauces on the menu: Asian Butter Cream, Spicy Coconut Cream, Creamy Tom Yum, Sambal Soy Sauce and Sweet Soy Sauce.

Staple Bowl with Asian Butter Sauce: Photo: The Staple Bowl

We know sauces by The Katoshka are an integral component to their food, so we expect nothing less at The Staple B as well.

Depending on which sauce you choose, prices start from S$8.90 per rice bowl.

You may also customise it further by adding extra ingredients starting from S$0.80.

Customers may dine in at the shop or order delivery via the website.

Here’s where to find The Staple Bowl: 1 Goldhill Plaza, Singapore 308899

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 1:00pm – 9:00pm daily

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