Popular fast food chain A&W is now halal-certified


It’s official. A&W Singapore is finally halal-certified!

It’s been a long time coming, but they here now!

A&W at Jewel

A year since A&W’s comeback

It’s been more than a year since the OG curly fries maker made its celebrated comeback to Singapore, and along with its signature coney dogs, waffles and root beer floats were grand plans to open more outlets across the island.

However, whilst they have indicated plans to get halal-certified in the past, it was never official until today.

According to a post by HalalHub Consultants, A&W has just received halal certification for both its outlets: Jewel (Changi Airport) and AMK Hub.

A&W is also slated to open another outlet soon at Canberra Plaza.

A&W faces questions in the past

For A&W Singapore, being inclusive has always been the goal from the start. Kelvin Tan, A&W International’s director of marketing and communication, has gone on record to assure that the company has “every intention” of submitting an application to MUIS for halal certification. 

But even without an official halal certificate, the American chain has assured that its ingredients are totally halal-compliant as reported by CNA in April last year.

Other publications have also enquired the company about its halal status in the past, including Have Halal Will Travel, and The Halal Food Blog, to which the chain responded saying that it is still in the midst of applying for the halal certification.

MUIS, on the other hand, noted that no such application has been received. 

It seems like all of that are in the past now, so you all can rest easy knowing the food is confirmed halal.

So get in line to get the coney dogs and curly fries you’ve been dying to eat all this while.

[Editor’s note: A&W is currently not listed in MUIS online list of halal establishments just yet. This is common as MUIS updates their records periodically. However, HalalHub Consultants has posted photo of the halal certificate below to prove it’s legit.]

Halal certification for A&W Jewel

The Halal Eater has reached out to MUIS and A&W for comment.

Images by A&W Singapore and HalalHub Consultants.

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