Ramen and tendon restaurant, Tokyo Shokudo, to open second outlet at Westgate on Feb. 4, 2021

Its first outlet is in Tampines Mall.

We can never get enough of Japanese food, it seems, especially with Japanese restaurant Tokyo Shokudo in Tampines Mall getting halal certification late last year.

The restaurant is known for a variety of Japanese dishes like Ramen and Tsukemen, but its Tendon (tempura donburi) is its main specialty.

Created by award-winning Chef Akimitsu Tanihara, a five-time gold medalist at Japan Donburi Awards, the hearty rice dish comprising of prawn, fish, egg, nori and assorted vegetables is absolutely oishii.

Second outlet to open

Since it became halal certified, it seems the shop at Tampines Mall has been attracting a fair number of customers. We had to queue for about 20 minutes the last time we visited.

And the restaurant seems to be doing well, considering that another outlet will be opening soon.

According to a Facebook post on Feb. 3, Tokyo Shokudo announced that it will be expanding to a second outlet at Jurong East’s Westgate.

The outlet is expected to open in the evening of Feb. 4.

However, as it is new, the Westgate outlet will still undergo the proper process of halal certification. According to Tokyo Shokudo, they expect to receive the halal certification, within a month.

Halal certification by MUIS takes some time, so it’s best to just wait for the good news by Tokyo Shokudo when they eventually get the cert!

Dishes at Tokyo Shokudo

In addition to Tendon, Tokyo Shokudo also offers Tsukemen (Dipping Noodles), Tempura Rice Sets and Japanese Rice Sets, all of which are crowd-pleasers and family-friendly dining options.


Ramen lovers can look forward to four exciting Ramen soup bases – Original, Yuzu, Tom Yam and Spicy. Various options of proteins accompany the ramen such as chicken chashu, beef shabu, seafood, scallop, asari, ebi and duck.

Tsukemen (Dipping noodles)

One of the most beloved styles of ramen in Japan, Tsukemen involves serving cold noodles alongside a bowl of hot soup. Diners would dip the noodles into the soup and enjoy the toppings served atop or on the side of the noodles.



This is where Tokyo Shokudo shines the most, especially through its Signature Tendon which features prawn, fish, egg, nori, assorted vegetables and rice.

Rice Sets

If you are searching for alternatives to noodles, the restaurant also serves rice sets such as Salmon Teriyaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Shio, and Saba Shio.

Rice Set
Rice Set

Toji Set

Toji is a Japanese dish not commonly found in Singapore. It consists of scrambled eggs and at Tokyo Shokudo, it is then accompanied with either fried chicken, beef suki or ebi.

Toji Set
Toji Set

We’ll update this article as we hear more news about the halal certification from Tokyo Shokudo.

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