Malaysian desserts brand Honeybee in S’pore with real honeycombs on ice cream, popcorn & more


Malaysian desserts and beverages chain Honeybee has made its way to Singapore.

Over 20 stores in JB

If Honeybee sounds familiar, then you’ve probably seen one of their over 20 outlets on your trips to Johor Bahru.

Founded as a kiosk and café based desserts and beverages brand in JB, Honeybee seems to be making inroads to other parts of Malaysia as well as overseas markets like Singapore recently.

2 outlets in Singapore

Its first two outlets in Singapore is located in Capitol Piazza and Haji Lane.

Honeybee Capitol Piazza

While you shouldn’t expect the prices on the menu to be as affordable as Malaysia’s, the outlets here do carry most of their popular items.

For first-timers, you can’t go wrong with the Golden Honeybee (S$8.50), a big cup of soft serve adorned with real bits of honeycomb, honey pearls and cornflakes, and doused in the sweet golden nectar.

Golden Honeybee Ice Cream

If you like “honey milk” and soggy cereal (in the best way possible), you’ll enjoy this particular treat.

Apart from honey-forward ice cream, Honeybee also offers other ice cream renditions like the Royal Caramel Popcorn (S$8.90) and Volcano Oreo (S$7.90).

It also has more “premium” fruity options going for S$9.50 a cup.

Honeybee Icecream Menu
Photo by Honeybee Singapore

The entire ice cream menu is relatively affordable as far as desserts in town cost, ranging from S$7.90 to S$9.50.

Yogurt, ice-blended drinks and more

Yes, there’s more than just ice cream at Honeybee. Sweet-toothed customers have even more options in the form of yogurts, drinks, frappes and more.


Honeybee Frappe Menu
Photo by Honeybee Singapore

Ice Drink

Honeybee Ice Drink Menu
Photo by Honeybee Singapore

Milk Tea

Honeybee Milk Tea Menu
Photo by Honeybee Singapore


Honeybee Yogurt Menu
Photo by Honeybee Singapore

Honey popcorn also for sale

Another product line of Honeybee is its honey popcorn, which they also use as toppings in their menu items.

Tubs of these are also available for sale in the Singapore stores for those keen on stocking up on these crunchy sweet treats.


Capitol Piazza #B2-27
67 Haji Lane
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours:
11am to 9.30pm daily
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