New Vietnamese stall at Clementi serves affordable pho, banh mi, and spring rolls


If you have a hankering for Vietnamese food, there is a new Vietnamese hidden gem for you to try out.

Pham Quyen is a new Muslim-owned Vietnamese takeaway stall located in Clementi that offers common Vietnamese fare in their menu.

They specialise particularly in Goi Cuon, which are Vietnamese spring rolls traditionally consisting of meat, seafood, vegetables, bún (noodles), and other ingredients wrapped in Vietnamese bánh tráng (rice paper).

The menu at Pham Quyen

Here’s a look at some of their offerings:

The Goi Cuon rolls are made of freshly caught prawns and/or marinated beef, rice vermicelli, lettuce, coriander and other herbal ingredients wrapped in rice paper.

These are sold in a box of 10 rolls, and cost S$22 per box.

Three versions are available:

  • Original Coi Guon (prawns + beef)
  • Prawn Coi Guon
  • Beef Coi Guon

If you like more crunch in your spring rolls, Pham Quyen also offers Cha Gio (S$18 per box) which are deep-fried spring rolls with minced chicken and blended prawns.

Elsewhere on the menu are other typical Vietnamese dishes that most of us should be familiar with.

They also have Banh Mi Original (S$5), Vietnamese version of submarine sandwich made from a baguette and stuffed with savoury fillings.

At Pham Quyen, the original banh mi is stuffed with chicken and there’s also another version, the Banh Mi Dark Soy Chicken (S$5) which uses chicken marinated with dark soy sauce instead.

Pho fans are not forgotten; Vietnam’s national dish consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat is also available.

Customers can choose from the following Pho Bo options:

  • With beef balls (S$7)
  • With beef balls and sliced beef (S$7.50)
  • With sliced beef and beef muscle (S$7.50)
  • With beef balls, sliced beef and beef muscle (S$8)

Thursday specials from S$25

If you’re looking for value deals, Pham Quyen has ongoing promotions for Thursdays only.

Thursday special
Photo from Pham Quyen’s Facebook page

It is offering the Abang Datang Sayang set for S$22.

The set includes:

  • 2 Pho Bo
  • 5 Goi Cuon

For larger sized groups, the Family Feast (S$88) feeds 6-8 pax and includes:

  • 4 Pho Bo
  • 15 Goi Cuon
  • 15 Cha Gio
  • 5 Bo Bia

Party bundles from S$92

For even larger groups (or appetites), the party bundles are definitely more bang for your buck.

Two bundles are available. They are:

Party bundles
Photo from Pham Quyen’s Facebook page

Here’s their full menu:

Vietnamese Rolls
Photo from Pham Quyen’s Facebook page
Vietnamese rolls
Photo from Pham Quyen’s Facebook page
Pho bo
Photo from Pham Quyen’s Facebook page
Bun cha gio
Photo from Pham Quyen’s Facebook page
sauces and coffee
Photo from Pham Quyen’s Facebook page

If you’re interested in other halal Vietnamese food, check out:

Address: 6 Clementi Road #01-02 (JK Village), Singapore 129741
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm daily
Facebook | Instagram

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