This gelato fondue set has everything you need for a date night at home

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If you’re planning on whipping up a romantic meal to replace your traditional restaurant date, there’s help at hand if your kitchen skills need sharpening.

Sure, you can order online from almost any restaurant these days, but there are also some special dining kits for you to enjoy at home – with minimal DIY elements!

Case in point: this product that has everything you need for fondue in a kit.

Gelato Fondue Kit

Basically, it’s like having your own personal dessert chef or a gelato fondue party at home.

The kit comes with the following items:

  • 1 Set of ceramic fondue pot
  • 4 Skewers
  • 1 Candle
  • 1 Ice gel pack
  • 1 Block of chocolate ganache
  • 7 pcs of fragaria strawberry gelato
  • 7pcs of blueberry yoghurt gelato
  • 7pcs of Belgian chocolate gelato
  • 7pcs of hazelnut gelato
  • 7pcs of green mint gelato
  • 7pcs of banana gelato
  • 7pcs of Madagascan vanilla gelato
Gelato Fondue Kit

Not only does the kit comes with the utensils necessary for dipping, twirling and transporting food to mouth, it also includes seven flavours of gelato balls to coat the chocolate ganache with!

All of these in one box! And yes, you get to keep the fondue pot and skewers to reuse. Cheese fondue party next, maybe?

Gelato Fondue Kit

Gelato by R&D engineer turned award-winning gelato master, Dylan Ooi.

Just in case you’re worried the gelato is the run-of-the-mill variety, we’ll have you know that the silky smooth frozen dessert in the kit is developed by one Dylan Ooi, who has spent the last 10 years formulating the perfect balance of gelato on each different flavour.

And lucky us, the gelato is halal!

Gelato Fondue Kit

Whilst the Dylan Ooi brand of gelato offers interesting Asian flavours like Bubur Pulut Hitam, Chendol and Durian D24, these are only available in pint tubs.

That’s not to say that the flavours in the fondue kit are inferior; they probably make more sense in a communal concept than say, Durian D24, which would overpower the rest of the flavours and risk you losing durian-averse friends.

In any case, there’s bound to be a flavour in the kit that appeals to everyone in your party. From Madagascan vanilla to Belgian chocolate, the flavours cover quite a broad spectrum.

For a more wholesome dessert experience, we would also recommend adding some cut fruits like strawberries and bananas. Easy peasy!

Buy it from Shopee for S$55.

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