A ‘warong’ opens in Woodlands, serves Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Padang and other Malay dishes

Woods Square has new Malay stall

Good news, people in the North. A new Malay food cafe has opened up in central Woodlands to satisfy your hearty food cravings.

According to a Facebook post, the shop, called Warong Timbel, just opened last week at Woods Square Solo 2, an integrated commercial development with retail and F&B tenants. Warung typically refers to a small-scale local business in Indonesia.

Woods Square
Woods Square. Source: Streetdirectory.com

Nasi Ambeng specialist

Nasi Ambeng seems to be the Warong Timbel’s specialty, although one could also discover other notable Malay rice dishes like nasi rawon, nasi sambal goreng, nasi kuning and a few others.

If you’d rather build your own meal, the stall also serves Nasi Padang with a wide range of dishes offered daily.

Nasi Padang dishes at Warong Timbel
Source: Warong Timbel/Facebook

A small section of kuih alongside bottled snacks are also visible in the shop’s photos.

Limited seats

Warong Timbel occupies a small unit in the basement of the mall. Within the unit, the food prep area already takes up the majority of the space, leaving a relatively small section for tables and chairs.

Interestingly, the food prep area from which customers order their food from, resembles a warong on wheels, the Indonesian equivalent of a food truck.

New Malay stall in Woodlands
Source: Warong Timbel/Facebook
Nasi Padang stall in Woodlands
Source: Warong Timbel/Facebook

The dining area looks like it could sit 16 diners at any one time, but accommodating that many people might be a tight squeeze.

Hence, the stall seems to be more of a take away spot. If you live or work near the area, this would be an ideal spot to da bao your meals from.

But for those of you who don’t feel like going out of the house, you can also put in an order through Bungkus.sg.

Address: Woods Square SOLO 2 #B2-20, 8 Woodlands Square, Singapore 737713
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday: 8am – 3pm
Closed on Sunday
Facebook | Instagram

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