Arab St bubble tea cafe now sells ice-cream shaped honeycomb waffles at S$5

Replacing their stroopwafels.
Milk hero

Waffles are not an entirely new concept in Singapore, but every once in a while, a new version of it emerges.

Case in point, Milk Singapore‘s latest offering: the ice-cream shaped honeycomb waffles.

The product is exactly what it sounds like — hexagonal waffles resembling honeycombs, on an ice-cream stick.

The introduction of the waffles comes on the heels of the Muslim-owned cafe‘s removal of stroopwafels from its menu earlier this month.

Milk's entrance
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Milk launched the new waffles menu with 5 flavours on board. They are:


If you enjoy classic waffles or just want to dip your toes into the world of Milk’s newfangled waffles, try the OG-riginal (S$5).

Milk OG-riginal waffles
Source: Milk Singapore/Facebook

Cookies & Cream

Oreo fans may want to go for the Cookies & Cream (S$5) that contains Oreo bits, Oreo dust and cream cheese on the bed of fluffy waffles.

Milk cookies and cream waffles
Source: Milk Singapore/Facebook

Strawberry Shortcake

The Strawberry Shortcake (S$5) features Korean strawberries, fresh cream cheese, chocolate shavings and biscoff.

strawberry shortcake waffles
Source: Milk Singapore/Facebook

Milo Dinosaur

The Milo Dinosaur (S$5) pays homage to a classic local flavour featuring Milo cereal and Milo dust, drizzled with original and chocolate cream cheese for a richer snack experience.

milo dinosaur waffles
Source: Milk Singapore/Facebook


Lastly, there’s the Marshymallow (S$5), a pretty pastel-hued waffles dressed in torched mini marshmallows, cream cheese and salted caramel sauce.

marshymallow waffles
Source: Milk Singapore/Facebook


According to Milk, ONE-FFLE is never enough so they are offering sweet deals for purchasing more than 2 waffles.

Bear in mind that one waffle is S$5, so the more you buy, the cheaper they become.

The current promotions are as follows:

  • Box of 3: S$13
  • Box of 6: S$24
  • Box of 12: S$36
Milk waffles box deals
Source: Milk Singapore/Facebook

Milk is also offering a lunch special between 12-3pm daily. For S$10, you can get one waffle and a regular-sized drink.

You might as well get a drink from Milk since they’re well known for their innovative bubble tea concoctions such as Matcha Mascarpone, Grape Cream Cheese, Berry Cranberry and more.

Check them out:

Address: 27 Arab Street, Singapore 199726
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 12pm-9pm, Fri-Sun: 12pm-12am
Facebook | Instagram

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