Prima Deli has new limited edition Ondeh Ondeh Waffle for S$2.80 till 30 April, 2023


The ondeh ondeh trend is here to stay, as proven by Prima Deli with its new launch of the Ondeh Ondeh Waffle.

Prima Deli Ondeh Ondeh Waffle Web Poster
Image credit: Prima Deli

The Ondeh Ondeh Waffle is packed with gula melaka coconut filling in homage to its kueh namesake.

The limited edition item is priced at S$2.80 each, and will be available at all Prima Deli outlets islandwide till April 30, 2023.

Getting our order

When we arrived at the Prima Deli outlet nearest to our office, the shop just opened but there were already 2 customers ahead of us.

Prima Deli outlet
Image credit: @primadelisg

We didn’t have to wait very long though, as the staff worked expeditiously to clear the orders.

When it was our turn, we ordered the Ondeh Ondeh Waffle as well as a Chocolate one.

As she was making our order, we noticed that she used the same waffle batter to make both waffles.

Unless Prima Deli’s default waffle batter is pandan, we wondered if a different batter should have been used instead as the product description in the web poster above mentioned “pandan waffle”.

Prima Deli Ondeh Ondeh Waffle
Photo by Izad Razi

Regardless, she then proceeded to smear a glistening brown gula melaka coconut filling on the waffle and presented us with a piping hot Ondeh Ondeh Waffle.

This is how it looks like:

Prima Deli Ondeh Ondeh Waffle
Photo by Izad Razi
Prima Deli Ondeh Ondeh Waffle
Photo by Izad Razi
Prima Deli Ondeh Ondeh Waffle
Photo by Izad Razi

Taste Test

Prima Deli waffles are a perfect balance of crispiness and softness.

The golden brown exterior gives way to a warm and fluffy interior that is all too familiar.

Initially, we thought that the coconut gula melaka filling was a bit thin as compared to the photo in the poster.

Prima Deli Ondeh Ondeh Waffle
Photo by Izad Razi

But after several bites, the amount felt just right as too much filling might make the waffle a soggy mess especially if it’s not consumed immediately.

Furthermore, the gula melaka definitely tips the scale on the sweetness factor so the amount was definitely appropriate.

The grated coconut was super fine and did not offer much in terms of texture. Fortunately, the crispiness of the waffle was a great balance to the moist gula melaka filling.

Final thoughts

Overall, the waffle was a sweet treat that kinda resembles ondeh ondeh.

We also thought it was a missed opportunity not to use a green waffle batter to mimic the OG kueh better.

Or the staff made a mistake and didn’t give us a green pandan waffle.

Let us know if your experience was different because as much as we love ondeh ondeh, we don’t think we’ll repurchase this waffle anytime soon.

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