Home based business selling epok-epok with Apple fillings for S$14.50/20pcs

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If you lived in Singapore long enough, you’ll be familiar with the humble Malay-style “curry puff” that can be found at almost every hawker centre or Malay snack stall.

The old school delight is typically stuffed with curry potato, sardine or vegetables.

However, at PUFF DADDY, a home-based business specialising in Malay snacks, the epok-epok come with more varied fillings such as Beef Rendang and the latest addition: Apple.


PUFF DADDY caught our attention for a number of reasons. For one, Puff Daddy is the pseudonym of American rapper Sean Combs although we doubt they’re actually related.

Secondly, the HBB’s branding on Instagram is very eye-catching with its use of bright colours and beautiful imagery.

But more importantly, we are very intrigued by the Apple epok-epok. We’ve had apple pies and apple strudels before, but apple epok-epok is a novel idea!

From the reviews we saw on their Instagram Stories, it seems like the puffs are filled with diced caramelised apples and spiced with cinnamon.

The epok-epok come frozen so you will have to fry them yourselves.

Here are all the filling choices available:

  • Apple
  • Curry Potato
  • Sardine
  • Curry Potato with Egg
  • Curry Potato with Beef
  • Curry Potato with Chicken
  • Beef Rendang
  • Vegetarian

The frozen epok-epok are priced at S$14.50 for 20 pieces. This breaks down to about S$0.72 per epok-epok.

Tauhu Begedil S$6 for 10

Aside from epok-epok, PUFF DADDY also offers Tauhu Begedil in its menu.

Priced at S$6 for 10 pieces (that’s S$0.60 each), this tofu dish stuffed with either beef or chicken potato patty is one of the cheaper ones we’ve come across so far.

Every order is served with the mandatory sambal kicap.

Take a look:

As with most HBBs, PUFF DADDY operates on a pre-order basis.

Follow their Instagram to get notified when pre-orders open or you can try your luck by dropping them a DM.

PUFF DADDY offers islandwide delivery at a charge of S$8.

Halal status: Muslim-owned
To order: DM on @puffdaddysg Instagram

Top photo via @puffdaddysg

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