New Muslim-owned shop in Bedok sells waffles, coffee and bubble tea from S$2


We can never get enough of bubble tea. However, halal options remain incredibly slim. But, it looks like that dilemma might soon be a thing of the past.

Farlida Cafe is a Muslim-owned bubble tea shop that just opened in the vicinity of Bedok North last week.

Located opposite the Bedok North Market, it joins other up-and-coming Muslim-owned bubble tea shops that opened in the past year.

Over 20 drinks in menu

Their menu currently offers a wide variety of drinks that ranges from milk teas, iced teas, smoothies, iced blended and frappes.

Whilst more established brands are churning out newfangled flavours, Farlida Cafe seems to stick to the classics such as Earl Grey Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea, Peach Iced Tea and Oreo Iced Blended.

Purists or indecisive decision makers will certainly appreciate these familiar favourites.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea
Photo via @farlidacafe21/Instagram

Otherwise, the Smoothie section features some yogurt-based drinks like Peach Yogurt and Mango Yogurt (from S$3) that would appeal to people who like their beverages thiccc.

Strawberry Yogurt
Photo via @farlidacafe21/Instagram

The other refreshing thing about Farlida Cafe is its incredible prices. Most of the drinks begin at S$2 for a Medium, and prices do not go beyond S$4 for a Large.

They even have a hot drinks menu featuring coffees and hot chocolates going at S$2.50 a cup.

Neighbourhood prices for a neighbourhood shop. We stan already!

Check out their full menu:

Bubble tea menu at Farlida Cafe
Photo via Farlida Cafe/Facebook


Farlida Cafe also sells another neighbourhood snack that we love: waffles!

The classic waffles is available in four flavours: Original (S$1.60), Pandan Kaya (S$1.80), Peanut Butter (S$2) and Chocolate (S$2).

For the Premium waffles, you can either go for Nutella (S$2.60) or Caramel (S$2.60).

Waffles and bubble tea…a pairing made in dessert heaven!

Address: 510 Bedok North St 3 #01-55, Singapore 460510
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: 10:00am to 8:00pm daily
Facebook | Instagram

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