Communal Dining by Dad’s Corner: New shell out restaurant in Serangoon

Family-friendly dining spot.

North-eastsiders, if you have been searching for halal shell-out for yourself and family without the clean up after – this one’s for you!

Dad’s Corner, one of Singapore’s few halal restaurants that specialise in bag-style seafood, has opened its latest outlet in Upper Serangoon.

The eatery is named Communal Dining by Dad’s Corner to highlight the shared dining experience that is typically associate with shell-out.

Its other outlet is in Bukit Batok Civil Service Club.

Shellout in Bag

Dad’s Corner is synonymous with shell-out so it is no surprise that their specialty is available here too.

Each shellout tub consists of crab, prawns, mussels, lala, gong gong and corn.

Diners also get to choose from 8 sauces:

  • Spicy: Sambal Kicap, Percik
  • Mild: Ongbak, Golden Phoenix, Black Pepper
  • Non Spicy: Creamy Garlic, Butterheaven, Chili Crab

Three sets are available, depending on how big your party size is:

  • SHELLOUT PACKAGE A, $100: 3 Tubs of Shellout / Rice for 4 – 5 pax / 1 Bottle 1.5l Drink
  • SHELLOUT PACKAGE B, $100: 2 Tubs of Shellout / Rice for 2 – 3 pax / 1 Seabass / 1 Vegetable / 1 Set Mantou / 1 Bottle 1.5l drink
  • SHELLOUT PACKAGE B, $60: 1 Tub of Shellout / Rice for 2 pax / 1 Bottle 1.5l drink

Other items on the menu

If you are looking for smaller a la carte dishes, the restaurant also has a nice selection of Western and local options.

In the seafood category, you can find dishes like Fish N Chips ($9.00), Ong Bak Pasta (Tom Yum ($10) and a Jumbo Platter for $15.

Chicken seekers will discover familiar Western classics like Chicken Cutlet Set ($9.00) and Spring Chicken Set ($15).

On the other side, diners can also try their beef options which include King Beef Burger with Fries ($10), Cheesy Sabsuka ($10) and Pulled Beef Pasta ($10).

With so many options available, Communal Dining by Dad’s Corner is shaping up to be quite the family-friendly destination.

Communal dining ambience

Interior of Dad's Corner
Photograph: Google user Dan Ho

To allow convenient family dining, the eatery has a long communal table in the middle of the shop to sit larger groups.

This is flanked by smaller dining tables to accommodate smaller groups of diners.

Towards the back near the kitchen is a high bar table which could sit another group of people.

All in all, the vibes of the restaurant seem to be conducive for communal dining, something most of us have dearly missed since Circuit Breaker.

If you eat in the comfort of home, Dad’s Corner also does delivery. Order via their website:

Here’s where to find Communal Dining by Dad’s Corner:
534 Upper Serangoon Rd, Singapore 534549

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: 
Tuesday – Friday: 5:00pm – 10:00pm

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