Fu-Men in Canberra Plaza is officially halal-certified; serves Japanese Hakata-style udon and donburi

Good news for people of Sembawang!

Ask anybody working in the CBD for halal Japanese food recommendations, and they’ll probably mention Fu-Men at the basement of Hong Leong Building.

In April this year, Fu-Men ventured into the heartlands by opening a stall in Pasir Ris West Plaza, but the stall was short-lived.

Then in August, Fu-Men re-emerged in Sembawang instead, this time at a stall in Canberra Plaza.

Good news for Sembawang folks — the new kid on the block is now officially MUIS halal-certified, Fu-Men announced on social media!

fu-men halal cert
Photo by Fu-Men

The menu

The prices of Fu-Men’s menu items in the new stall seem to be relatively cheaper than its outlet in the CBD, possibly due to lower rental and also to appeal to the heartland crowd.

Fu-Men’s speciality is undeniably its udon. Udon is a thick white noodle made of wheat flour that’s ubiquitous in Japan, and different regions have their own ways of preparing it.

However, Fu-Men serves a specific type of udon from Hakata (a district in Fukuoka) which is characterised by tender noodles instead of the usual al dente stuff, and a clear broth.

Here’s a look at some of the items:

Japanese Seaweed Udon (S$7)

fu-men Seaweed Udon
Photo by Fu-Men

Sweet Beancurd Udon (S$7)

Sweet Beancurd Udon
Photo by Fu-Men

Japanese Big Fishcake Udon (S$10)

Big Fish Cake Udon
Photo by Fu-Men

Chicken Udon (S$10)

Chicken Udon
Photo by Fu-Men

Beef Udon (S$12)

Beef Udon
Photo by Fu-Men

If rice is your carb of choice, Fu-Men also serves a variety of donburi including:

  • Plain Curry Rice (S$8)
  • Beef Curry Rice (S$13)
  • Chicken with Egg Rice (S$11)
  • Chicken Katsu with Egg Rice (S$11)
  • Prawn Tempura with Egg Rice (S$14)

Famished diners might be better off with the Stamina Rice (S$14) instead, which includes a heady assemblage of beef, beef tendon, spicy minced chicken and onsen egg over rice.

Stamina Rice
Photo by Fu-Men

Aside from mains, the stall also serves sides such as kaarage, prawn tempura and chicken katsu to add-on to your meal.


The new Fu-Men stall is located in Cantine, a foodcourt on the first floor of Canberra Plaza.

Together with other halal stalls in the food court, Fu-Men is a great option for halal food if you happen to be a Sembawang resident working from home or just passing through.

Cantine KB Foo
Photo by Google Reviews user KB Foo

Otherwise, for CBD folks who are back in the office, Fu-Men in Hong Leong Building is still open.

fu-men hong leong
Photo by Fu-Men

Fu-Men Japanese Udon & Donburi

– 133 Canberra View #01-21/22/23 Canberra Plaza Cantine Stall 2, Singapore 750133
– 16 Raffles Quay, #B1-17/18 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581
Halal status: MUIS Halal-certified
Opening hours:
– Canberra Plaza: 10am to 10pm
– Hong Leong Building: 11am to 8pm
Instagram | Facebook

Top photos by Fu-Men Facebook page.

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