Hidden bakery at Woodlands MRT Station on Thomson-East Coast Line sells affordable artisanal pastries like pistachio croissants & matcha cream puffs

Cheaper than going to cafe in town.

On’Lee Artisan Bakery is a relatively new halal-certifed bakery located in Woodlands MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) near exit 7.

Woodlands MRT bakery
Photo via Google Maps user MH&El

With its unassuming set-up and minimal decor, the lesser-known spot might be easily dismissed as the stereotypical (often chain) bakery seen in other MRT stations.

Woodlands MRT bakery
Photo via Google Maps user TB Foo

However, a closer look will reveal its offerings are more reminiscent of cafe-standard baked goods, albeit at far more affordable prices.

Cream croissants and breads under S$4

Perhaps the most distinct items that On’Lee Artisan Bakery sells are its selection of cream croissants.

Assorted croissants
Photo via On’Lee Artisan Bakery Facebook page

Flavours range from the Korean-inspired Garlic Cream Cheese Croissant (S$2.80) overloaded with savoury, chopped garlic to its best-selling Japanese White Sauce Ham & Cheese Croissant (S$4).

Garlic Cream Cheese Croissant at On'Lee Bakery
Photo via On’Lee Artisan Bakery Facebook page

There’s even Pistachio Croissant (S$4) with a vibrant green piped crust that would make other MRT stations err…green with envy.

If you prefer more classic options, items like Pain Au Raisin (S$3), Bread & Butter Pudding (S$2.50) and Mini Scones ($4.50 for 4) might still cost less than your daily commute.

Cream puffs and sourdough under S$6

Lovers of cream puffs have to try the bakery’s Assorted Puffs, available at $5.80 for four pieces. This works out to just under S$1.50 per puff—cheaper than your MRT fare from Woodlands to Orchard.

Customers can mix and match from three flavours: OriginalMatcha, and Chocolate.

Assorted cream puffs
Photo via On’Lee Artisan Bakery Facebook page
Matcha cream puff at On'Lee Artisan Bakery
Photo via Google Maps user Javier Lim

If you’re a fan of bread, On’Lee Artisan Bakery also offers a varied spread of freshly baked bread to choose from, priced from $5.80 for a loaf of sourdough or Walnut Raisin Bread.

Sourdough breads at On'Lee
Photo via Google Maps user Allen Lee
Sourdough bread at On'Lee Artisan Bakery
Photo via On’Lee Artisan Bakery Facebook page

Whether you’re on the way to school/office or back home, a stop at On’Lee Artisan Bakery would be perfect to grab atas breads and pastries without burning a hole in your wallet.

On’Lee Artisan Bakery

Address: 11 Woodlands Square #B1-07 Woodlands MRT Station, Singapore 737736
Halal status: MUIS Halal-Certified
Opening hours: 8am to 9pm daily
Instagram | Facebook

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