8 aesthetic balang kuih Raya to fill with your favourite treats

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The perfect kuih Raya jar or balang is an essential finishing touch for any well-decorated living space. Explore our delightful selection of balang kuih Raya to find the perfect one that matches your aesthetic preferences!

Balang kuih raya minimalist scandi

Minimalist container set with tray

If your house aesthetic is best described as Scandi or minimalist, this set of kuih jars is a timeless storage container and decor piece. It’s a versatile piece for storing cookies and baked goods. The matching tray also makes carrying all 6 containers a breeze.

balang kuih raya detailed

Detailed kuih jar

This kuih jar is a timeless and adorable addition to any living room, too beautiful to be tucked away in a corner. With its stylish detailing that blends classic and trendy elements, it’s both functional and fashionable. Its generous capacity also makes this balang a clever storage solution for almost any type of kuih.

balang kuih raya black white

Ceramic opaque jar

There are two reasons why we adore this understated kuih jar. Firstly, it’s a beautifully handcrafted version of a classic cookie container. Secondly, it’s in monochromatic black and white, which makes blending in to the rest of the house decor a seamless affair.

balang kuih raya stone Japan

Japandi stone-like jar

If you love all things Muji, store fresh baked cookies, candy and other treats in this container that complements both Japanese and Nordic home aesthetics. The use of ceramic to mimic stone and acacia wood also adds an element of nature that will instantly warm up any space.

balang kuih raya teddy bear

Checkered glass jar with teddy bear handle

This isn’t an ordinary kuih jar for sure. The canister features a checkered design around the bottom half and a teddy bear knob as its handle. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but it does make for a beautiful table centrepiece that will delight your guests.

kuih raya gold jar

Dainty jars with gold accent and tray

Gold, when used sparingly, can be beautiful design elements in a house. Case in point: this set of dainty acrylic containers with gold accents. Show it off on the dining table or coffee table and the compliments are guaranteed to roll in.

Stackable kuih jars

Stackable snack containers

If your coffee table real estate is as scarce as land in Singapore, the only way to serve your kuih Raya is up. These acrylic containers are stackable, freeing up valuable space on the table.

balang kuih raya bird cage

Bird cage cake stand

If you prefer something more whimsical, this bird cage cake stand will certainly be a conversation starter amongst your guests. The tier-ed stand makes it perfect to display cakes, donuts, cupcakes and other treats that are too pretty to be covered in plastic sheets, or worse, aluminium foil!

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