KFC introduces new Flossy Crunch Chicken on 21 July

Fried chicken + chicken floss = Winner winner chicken dinner
KFC introduces Flossy Crunch Chicken

KFC is launching a floss-topped version of its fried chicken in Singapore on 21 July in celebration of National Day.

Fast food chains have jumped on the local-themed food trend as a way to bring in new customers, attract former fans and build excitement around the brand.

At least one other fast food chain is also serving local themed dishes to commemorate our nation’s birthday this year.

Not to be out done, the Colonel’s contribution is the all-new Flossy Crunch Chicken. According to KFC, the product is “a combination of our hot & crispy fried chicken, coated in fragrant curry and local spices, topped with a special spicy-sweet chicken floss”. The chicken bak hoo topping is also tossed with spicy dried shrimps for extra crunch.

The limited edition fried chicken will be available in the following bundles:

A la carte Flossy Crunch Chicken, $3.65

2-pc Flossy Crunch Chicken Meal, $8.95

Flossy Crunch Chicken Box, $10.95

5-pc Flossy Crunch Chicken Meal, $19.55

Flossy Crunch Family Feast, $36.95

The Flossy Crunch Chicken will be available from July 21 for takeaway and KFC Delivery, or dine-in at all KFC outlets except Singapore Zoo. Pre-order your food via the KFC App to plan ahead.

Find a KFC store here.

Images from KFC Singapore.

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