Anna’s, the sourdough-centric cafe at Punggol Oasis Terraces, is officially MUIS halal-certified

An oasis of sourdough in Punggol.

Anna’s is a cafe and lifestyle destination located in Punggol, Singapore, that has become famous for its love of sourdough. It recently announced on social media that it is officially MUIS halal-certified.

The cafe was founded by Anna Lim, also known as SouperChef Anna, who is the founder of The Soup Spoon. Anna’s philosophy is “Better For Me,” and it serves as an educational and experiential space for bakers and health-conscious diners.

Modern cafe/bakery with European vibes

Anna’s offers an air-conditioned interior that feels like a European bakery, and an outdoor patio surrounded by greenery for alfresco dining. The cafe focuses on the humble sourdough, a bread made from flour, water, and salt that is fermented using lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast. Sourdough offers nutritional benefits for the gut and overall health.

Retail section at Anna's in Punggol
Photo: annassourdough_official/facebook

Anna’s takes the infatuation with sourdough to another level, boasting grain silo dispensers, a grain miller, and a slow-proofing room, where up to 800 loaves of sourdough can be viewed as they mature through a glass window.

Silo grain dispensers at Anna's
Photo: annassourdough_official/facebook

All sourdough loaves are freshly baked daily using freshly milled flour. The signature Anna’s House Sourdough is a house botanical blend of over 10 botanicals and ancient grains, while the cafe also offers flavoured loaves like Chocolate Rye, Sunburst, and Turkish Delight.

Chocolate Rye
Photo: annassourdough_official/facebook

Sourdough giving main character energy

Anna’s offers a sourdough-forward menu that includes brunch mains like Anna’s Steak and Eggs and the BIG Brekkie.

Anna's Steak and Eggs
Anna’s Steak and Eggs. Photo: Deliveroo
Anna's BIG Brekkie
BIG Brekkie. Photo: Deliveroo

The Dribs and Drops Diversity Board is a popular item and includes mushroom parfait with smoked maple syrup, cultured butter, beet miso hummus, a selection of sourdough slices, sourdough crackers, mixed nuts, and fruits. The Grilled Cheese Toastie is another popular menu item served with tomato bisque. The Grilled Kimcheese Toastie is an alternative that features house-made kimchi for added digestive benefits.

Dribs and Drops Diversity Board
Dribs and Drops Diversity Board. Photo: Deliveroo
Grilled Cheese Toastie Anna's
Grilled Cheese Toastie. Photo: Deliveroo
Grilled Kimcheese Toastie
Grilled Kimcheese Toastie. Photo: Deliveroo

Anna’s also serves a selection of soups, such as the Chicken Gumbo OG Version and the French Onion Soup with Cheesy Sourdough. In addition, the cafe offers beverages such as coffee, smoothies, and refreshing fizzes, with sourdough starter incorporated into them, and sweets like Chocolate Rye Raspberry Broffin, Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Raspberry Cookie, and Earl Grey Fig Loaf.

Chicken Gumbo OG Version
Chicken Gumbo OG Version. Photo: Deliveroo
Chocolate Rye Raspberry Broffin
Chocolate Rye Raspberry Broffin. Photo: Deliveroo
Earl Grey Fig Loaf
Earl Grey Fig Loaf. Photo: Deliveroo

Anna’s retail section is also worth checking out, as it is stocked with a wide range of flour, bread, homeware, sourdough starter kits, and ready-to-eat soups and sauces. Anna’s has become synonymous with the local food scene in Punggol, and it’s easy to see why, as it offers a unique and healthy dining experience that’s hard to find anywhere else in the neighbourhood.


Address: Oasis Terraces, 681 Punggol Drive #01-04, Singapore 820681
Halal status: MUIS Halal-Certified
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu 8.30am-9.30pm
Fri, Sat, PH Eve 8.30am-10pm
Last order 1h before closing
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Top photos by Anna’s

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