Springleaf Prata Place releases new prata inspired by a German dish; part of its Ultimate Series

Joins the ranks of the Murtaburger.
Das Pratwurst Springleaf Prata Place

Popular for its creative spin on local Indian food, Springleaf Prata Place has once again come up with a peculiar dish that got us instantly salivating.

This time, the prata newbie in question takes inspiration from the German dish Currywurst and in true Springleaf style, it has a punny name: Däs Prätwürst!

Currywurst is a popular German fast food comprising of a grilled sausage with curry-flavored ketchup and topped with curry powder.

This Prata is filled with the same curry sauce used in currywurst, combined with sautéed onions, mozzarella cheese and a homemade chicken sausage.

Curry powder is added on top of the prata together with a healthy serving of sauerkraut (fermented cabbage).

As part of its launch, there is a promo for Däs Prätwürst and teh tarik for $8.90.

Part of the Ultimate Series

Däs Prätwürst is the latest addition to Springleaf Prata Place’s Ultimate Series.

The Ultimate Series is essentially the prata restaurant’s hall of fame where they honour their unique creations that are unseen or unheard of in other prata establishments.

Springleaf typically introduces a new item into this venerable list annually.

If you need a refresher on what is included in their Ultimate Series, here is a quick rundown of the interesting creations that are popular among their fans and diners:

1. Murtaburger ($7.90)

Photo: Facebook user Shafiee Barahim

Mutton patties wrapped in egg Ramly-style, and dressed with mayonnaise and chilli/black pepper sauce, as well as lots of oozing mozzarella cheese. Oh, and the burger “buns” are actually crispy, delicious prata.

2. Plaster Blaster ($5.50)

Plaster Blaster
Photo: Burpple user Triffany Lim

Their take on a Classic Eggs Benedict include prata with poached egg and Indian hollandaise sauce.

3. Prata Alfredo ($9.90)

Prata Alfredo
Photo: sgfoodonfoot

Before cooking pasta with teh tarik was a thing, Springleaf has already come up with this dish that merged Indian and Italian cuisines. The ultimate creamy and cheesy prata comes with rosemary smoked chicken, fresh button mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and creamy alfredo sauce, all stuffed into the prata.

4. Salted Egg Prawn Prata ($10.90)

Salted Egg Prawn Prata
Photo: primawin-testimony

At the height of the salted egg craze, Springleaf cleverly releases this creation which is literally salted egg sauce, prawns, and prata combined into one.

5. Magic Meatless Murtabak ($6.90)

Photo: abillionveg

Once again, Springleaf turned the murtabak on its head by launching a meatless version. We could never imagine murtabak without meat, and perhaps that is why we are not a successful prata place. This 100% vegan creation is made up of lentils, capsicum, button mushrooms and dressed with curry leaves, sesame seeds, vegan mayo and Korean sauce.

Ultimate Series aside, Springleaf Prata Place also serves the classic prata, murtabak and briyani if you are a true blue purist.

Whichever side you stand on, there is bound to be something for everyone at Springleaf.

You’re welcome.

To view Springleaf’s dine in menu and its outlet locations, go http://spplace.com/outlet.

Top photo by Springleaf Prata Place.

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