You can now get rice burgers at Fat Papas… and we WANT them

In collaboration with Wakuwaku.

Homegrown halal burger joint Fat Papas has a relatively new version of burgers on their menu… and we are kicking ourselves in the behind from a bout of food envy.

First introduced in June this year, the eatery in Bali Lane is serving rice burgers—believed to have originated in Japan—featuring two compressed rice cakes instead of traditional hamburger buns.

According to the business Facebook page, the rice burgers are part of a collaboration series with Wakuwaku Yakiniku, a halal-certified Japanese barbecue restaurant also located along Bali Lane.

Both eateries are co-owned by local rapper and consummate restaurateur, Sheikh Haikel.

East meets west burger

The burger “buns” are made from seasoned rice patties and are glazed with savoury sauces that represent Wakuwaku’s signature offerings.

The burger comes in three varieties — teriyaki chicken, black pepper and yakiniku — and come served with Edamame Potato Salad and Mesclun.

1. Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burger ($12.80)

The burger features a boneless chicken leg marinated in Wakuwaku’s sweet teriyaki sauce topped with Japanese tsukemono (pickles) in between seasoned rice patties.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burger
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burger

2. Black Pepper Rice Burger ($12.80)

Here’s one for the spice lovers: the burger is made of a Fat Papas beef patty glazed in a homemade black pepper sauce, and topped with crispy onion strings in between seasoned rice patties.

Black Pepper Rice Burger
Black Pepper Rice Burger

3. Yakiniku Rice Burger ($12.80)

Yakiniku means “grilled meat” in Japanese so it is no surprise that this burger features tender grilled beef brisket cooked and immersed in Wakuwaku’s famous yakiniku sauce and topped with Japanese tsukemono (pickles) in between seasoned rice patties.

Yakiniku Rice Burger
Yakiniku Rice Burger

More to discover in the menu

Whilst it is uncertain if the rice burgers will be permanent fixtures in Fat Papas menu, its stable of specialty burgers definitely are.

Diners familiar with the brand would be no stranger to behemoth burgers such as The Elvis ($12), Bushtucker ($15) and our favourite Wimpy ($15).

Burger from Fat Papas
Wimpy Burger

Last year, Fat Papas launched several items in collaboration with plant-based Impossible Meat. These items are still in the menu today.

Then earlier this year, they jumped on the mala bandwagon and introduced dishes such as burgers, pasta and fries loaded with the tongue-numbing flavour made from Sichuan peppercorn, chili pepper and various spices simmered with oil.

Mala Oohlala Burger
Mala Oohlala Burger

And of course, a trip to Fat Papas is never complete without trying the not-so-secret-anymore Country Fried Steak ($19.80) and the Ten Dollar Milkshakes.

Fat Papas milkshakes

We have not been to Fat Papas recently, but it seems like the menu is still going strong with all these new additions.

Time for a revisit.

Here’s where to find Fat Papas:
17 Bali Lane
Singapore 189853

Halal status: MUIS halal-certified

Opening hours: 
Monday – Thursday: 12:00pm to 9.30pm (last order)
Friday to Sunday: 11:00am to 9:30pm (last order)

Islandwide delivery available. Check

Photos by Fat Papas.

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