Power Thai BBQ: Open-air Thai grill and steamboat place opens in Kembangan

Platter at $25 only.

A new halal Thai barbecue contender Power Thai BBQ has opened opposite Kembangan MRT.

The stall, which took over the spot from Famous Satay Burger, is located in a shophouse coffeeshop and began serving customers just a couple of days ago.

Thai barbecue, or more commonly known as mookata or mu kratha, is a Southeast Asian cooking method derived from combining both Korean barbecue and Chinese hot pot.

Given our love of all things Thai, we certainly do not mind more mu kratha dining establishments opening up.

Affordably priced Thai BBQ

Similar to eateries of its ilk, Power Thai BBQ serves a variety of meaty mains like chicken, and different cuts of red meat, as well as seafood options such as prawns, scallops and mussels.

Carb-y options include rice, vermicelli noodles, and instant noodles.

There are even children-friendly munchies such as chicken hot dog, crab sticks, cheese tofu and turkey bacon.

Photograph: Google reviews user Chun Kiat Tan

A number of Google Reviews also suggest getting their Special Sauce Chicken and Cheese Dip. Even the homemade chilli is highly recommended here.

You then simply pile the ingredients onto the metal dome-shaped skillet to grill them to your liking.

Power Thai BBQ
Photograph: Google Reviews user 妍廷

Traditional mookata uses pork lard to grease the metal skillet, but since this is halal BBQ, butter is provided instead.

The dome’s surface eventually heats up till sizzling, while simple soup is poured into the moat surrounding the dome-shaped skillet.

A la carte prices for the food choices start from $0.70, but the $25 platter which includes a variety of choice ingredients is certainly value for money.

Power Thai BBQ is a surprisingly significant opening, at a time when new food places are slowly getting off the ground.

Power Thai BBQ
Photograph: Google Reviews user guanwei teo

The pandemic has forced a variety of places to close either permanently or temporarily, including previous tenant Famous Satay Burger, which is relocating to a central kitchen.

Here’s where to find Power Thai BBQ: 2 Jln Masjid, Singapore 418920

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Daily 5:00pm – 11:00pm

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