Chinatown Food Street has two halal stalls selling chilli lobsters at 3 for S$19.90, satay & more


If you’re always scratching your head thinking where to get halal food in Chinatown, here’s some good news.

There are two Muslim-owned stalls in the Chinatown Food Street that serve satay and crab dishes! But first things first:

What and where is Chinatown Food Street?

Chinatown Food Street is a marketplace-style covered center filled with street food vendors offering specialty dishes from main Chinese dialects and the other different races in Singapore.

Located on Smith Street in the heart of Chinatown, the food street is a throwback to old Singapore when dining on the streets was commonplace. The main difference is that there are glass canopies and a cooling system to shield diners from the weather.

Chinatown Food Street

With over 20 hawker stalls, shophouse restaurants and ad hoc street kiosks lining the street, there should be something for everyone, especially now that we’ve discovered two halal vendors there.

What are the halal stalls?

Only two stalls here are halal, so skip the rest and head over to these stalls instead. They are:

Sultan of Satay, stall #17

If you’re a fan of satay, don’t miss the opportunity to devour freshly grilled skewers of chicken, beef and mutton from this stall. Sultan of Satay also serves up more than just the classic satay.

Source: Chaitri Hapugalle/Facebook

Seafood fans might appreciate fresh tiger prawns marinated in a light seasoning of salt and pepper, skewered and then grilled over coals.⁣ And, from till 31 Jan 2021, you can get four BBQ Tiger Prawn skewers for just S$5.99 (U.P. S$8.00).

Ministry of Crab, stall #18

Located right beside Sultan of Satay is Ministry of Crab. As its name and the giant crab figure at the top of the stall suggest, this is the stall you go to for everything crustacean.

Ministry of Crab in Chinatown Food Street
Source: KC Chan/Facebook

Perennial favourites chilli crab and pepper crab are the stall’s must-haves, but there are also lobsters if you’re feeling extra fancy, or on a budget. Because, from now till 31 Jan 2021, the stall is offering chilli lobsters at three for S$19.90 (U.P. S$30). Now that’s a deal.

Interestingly, you can also get mamak food such as briyani, mee goreng, murtabak and even teh tarik from both stalls. These make us really excited to visit now.

Atmospheric dining experience

While you’re there, don’t forget to look up once in a while and just soak in the eclectic vibes of the food street.

Chinatown Food Street
Source: Chinatown Food Street/Facebook

It may not be quite as authentic or raw as say, food streets in Thailand or Malaysia, but this is perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to experiencing street food like our forefathers did in a bygone era.

Address: Smith Street, Singapore 058938
Halal status: Sultan of Satay and Ministry of Crab are Muslim-owned
Opening hours: 11am to 11pm, daily.

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