This illustrator reimagined Hari Raya goodies as fashionable outfits and now we want them

Wear your favourite kuih on your sleeve.
Hari raya kuih fashion

It’s not even Ramadan, and we’ve already seen fashion brands launching their latest baju raya collections, and HBBs taking kuih orders online.

But nothing has made us stopped scrolling quite like Malaysian illustrator Namirah Abdullah‘s sketches, in which she reimagines kuih raya (Hari Raya snacks) as fashionable outfits. And they all look strangely good!

So, if you need inspo for your baju kurung this year, show these to your seamstress.

1. Biskut Almond London

biskut almond london
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

2. Biskut Mama Carey

biskut mama carey
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

3. Biskut Red Velvet

biskut red velvet
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

4. Biskut Semperit

biskut semperit
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

5. Biskut Suji Pelangi

biskut suji pelangi
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

6. Biskut Tart Nenas (Pineapple Tart)

biskut tart nenas
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

See Namirah’s original post on her Facebook page, Namirahsketches, below:

And if, like us, you geek out at BTS (behind-the-scenes, not the K-pop band) videos, Namirah doesn’t disappoint. She posted videos of her sketching these delicious outfits on her YouTube channel.

Like this one of her drawing the Biskut Mama Carey outfit:

And this one of Biskut Semperit:

She also turns other food and drinks into wearable art!

Namirah doesn’t just stop designing outfits inspired by kuih raya; she also puts her creative chops to other types of food and drinks, mainly those from her home country of Malaysia.

Check out these fun ‘fits she did that are incredible works of art:

7. Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice)

nasi ayam
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

8. Nasi Kerabu

nasi kerabu
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

9. Sagu Gula Melaka

Sagu Gula Melaka
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

10. Kuih Seri Muka

kuih seri muka
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

11. Bubur Cha Cha

bubur cha cha
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

12. Popia Goreng

popiah goreng
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

13. Kuih Lapis

kuih lapis
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

14. Teh Ais

teh ais
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

15. Milo Ais

milo ais
Via Namirahsketches/Facebook

What do you think? Would you wear any of these outfits? Or what food would you like to see turned into fashion?

For us, we enjoyed the humour and the creativity in these artworks. And if we have to commission Namirah to sketch us an outfit, it will have to be something trendy like the basque burnt cheesecake or maybe a steak à la Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Photos courtesy of Namirah Abdullah/Namirahsketches Facebook page.

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