This froyo ice-cream brand has probiotics and it’s halal-certified so you can truly feel 100% guilt-free

Sogurt froyo icecream

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If you always feel slightly guilty eating froyo from Yolé or llaollao, let us introduce you to Sogurt, a homegrown froyo brand that’s been around since 2010.

Recently, Sogurt went through a brand refresh and introduced a new product line-up of halal-certified Probiotic Froyo Ice-Cream. Probiotics and halal…two good words for our digestive systems and conscience 😇.

Essentially, Sogurt combines ice-cream and yoghurt together while retaining the best qualities from each component through its proprietary pre-mix base and pasteurising technology.


There are currently 7 flavours on the menu. They are:

1. Natural

Sogurt in its most natural form. A “must-have” staple to stock your freezer. Use it in your favourite smoothie recipe, or top it off with fresh fruits and granola (or Oreos and gummies if you’re feeling naughty).

Sogurt Natural

2. Peach Mango

This pairing of peach and mango is an easy flavour that is bound to be a crowd-pleaser and perfect for gatherings and parties.

Peach Mango

3. Strawberry Yuzu

A perfect balance of flavours with sweet summer strawberries, contrasted with the fragrant tartness of Yuzu.

Strawberry Yuzu

4. Lychee

The sweet, aromatic flavour of lychee in froyo form. It also has a light and delicate “rose-floral” aroma, making it one of Sogurt’s longstanding bestsellers.

Sogurt Lychee

5. Berry Swirl

Assorted berries swirled into the “natural” froyo, making it one of the healthiest of the lot. Berry lovers will love this berry much.

Berry Swirl

6. Premium Dark Chocolate

Sogurt’s all-time bestseller is an antioxidant-rich, creamy and exquisite Dark Chocolate indulgence minus the guilt, created with Sogurt’s proprietary premium “So-Choc” blend.

Premium Dark Chocolate

7. Premium Avocado Gula-Melaka

Creamy avocado lightly sweetened with the smoky caramel- and toffee-edged Gula Melaka, creating a rich, smooth and fragrant flavour.

Sogurt Premium Avo-Melaka

Bundle deals

If you have an affinity to a particular flavour above, good for you. Choosing a pint would be easy. For the rest of us indecisive folks, we want all. Thankfully there are these bundle deals.

Try-It-All Bundle

Contains two mini-cups of all 7 flavours.

Sogurt Try-It-All Bundle

“Premium” Bundle

Features six mini-cups of Dark Chocolate and six mini-cups of Avo-Melaka.

Sogurt Premium Bundle

“Best-Sellers” Bundle

Features six mini-cups of Peach Mango and six mini-cups of Lychee, both Sogurt’s best-selling flavours.

Sogurt Bestseller Bundle

Festive Box

Nine cups of assorted flavours in one pretty box. Great as gifts!

Festive Box (9 Minicups)

Photos by Sogurt.

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