Unique drinks this Ramadan: 8 alternatives for Iftar that are not air kathira

Air kathira who?
Unique drinks for Ramadan

Air kathira and Burger Ramly are undoubtedly an iconic pairing during the fasting month. You might even say the pair is a dynamic duo who should never be separated.

But at The Halal Eater, we like to think we’re progressive people so we’re always on the hunt for the unconventional. Don’t get us wrong, tradition is a beautiful thing, but so is innovation.

So here’s our list of alternative drinks that are not air kathira but would still be great additions to your Iftar table.

1. Cold Tea Brews from Iman & Co.

Gift cold brew tea by Iman & Co
Photo credit: Iman & Co.

Whether tea is your go-to drink for sahur, or simply enjoy spilling the tea every now and then, Iman & Co. is absolutely perfect for you. The up-and-coming home-based tea brand recently launched their Cold Brew Teas in six different flavours – three fruit tea base and three milk tea base: Peach French Earl Grey, Berry Mint Tea, Strawberry Tea, Classic Milk Tea, Hazelnut Milk Tea and Pecan Praline Milk Tea. Friend prefer brewing their own tea? Iman & Co. also offers loose tea leaf blends.

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2. Korean-inspired bubble tea from Itaewon K-Boba SG

Itaewon K Boba SG menu
Photo by Itaewon K Boba SG/Facebook

Itaewon K-Boba SG is a new Muslim-owned boba business that specialises in Korean-inspired bubble tea. The brand was first established in Batam, Indonesia in 2020 and has now grown over 25 outlets this year so far. Now, K-drama and K-pop fans in Singapore can indulge in the creamy beverage by ordering directly through a local seller. Interesting flavours include bestsellers Black Pink (Black Oreo), Chin Kaeleomel (Salted Caramel), and Yam Joon (Taro). Each drink costs only S$4 and comes with cream cheese and brown sugar pearls.

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3. Arab fusion bubble tea and mojito from Habibtea.co

Habibtea.co Arab bubble tea
Photo by @habibtea.co/Instagram

Yet *another* bubble tea, you say? Before you scroll down any further, we’re here to tell you that Habibtea.co puts a unique Arabic twist to the quintessentially Asian beverage. According to Habibtea.co, the drinks are homage to the owner’s grandparents who were originally from Terim, Yemen. Her Yemeni heritage is proudly displayed in drinks like the spicy and aromatic Habibtea ($6) and chai-based Bhaiyatea ($6). There are also familiar flavours like Belgian Chocolate ($8) and Brown Sugar Fresh Milk ($8). Lactose intolerant? They also have assorted flavours of Mojiteas ($7) that come with popping bobas! Fun!

BONUS: Habibtea.co has a live station at Mr Malabar Cafe, 54 Maude Road throughout Ramadan 5pm-12am.

4. Artisanal chendol by Chendolkita

Chendolkita Ramadan bundle
Photo by Chendolkita

Chendolkita makes the old fashioned chendol cool again. Despite the brand’s refreshing outlook (their branding and Instagram feed are super stylish), the modern chendol makers insist on making the chendol jelly the authentic way: hand-pressed. The green starch jelly is featured in a variety of Chendolkita’s offerings which include the eponymous Chendolkita ($4 for 200ml, $5 for 400ml), Tehkita ($4 for 200ml, $5 for 400ml), Kopikita ($4 for 200ml, $7 for 400ml) and Bandungkita ($4 for 200ml, $5 for 400ml). For a limited time only, they’re also offering Kurmakita, a refreshing blend of fresh milk, real dates and chendol jelly, of course.

Ramadan Promotion: Chendolkita is offering a Ramadan Bundle of 4 drinks for only $15

5. Cold brew coffees from Larut.co

larut.co cold brew coffee
Photo by @larut.co/Instagram

In a generation of mass production, fast food and instant gratification, small coffee brand Larut.co aims to put the emphasis back on the art of coffee-making and coffee appreciation. Since they specialise in cold brews, don’t expect instant Nespressos or (gasp) Starbucks here. Every order is carefully brewed and packaged so that you only get the best quality java. Larut.co takes orders weekly, and the menu may change from time to time. For April, they’re offering Sunda Cold Brew (black), Signature Overnight Sticky Mocha (white) and Lychee Rose Ice Tea. Prices vary depending on the size you choose, which ranges from personal 250ml glass bottle to a 5 litre Familibox.

6. Smoothies from Smoo’D

Smoo'D smoothies
Photo by @smoodsg/Instagram

If you love smoothies, it’s essential that you know about Smoo’D‘s existence. It’s an online-based smoothie bar without any bells or whistles that has received a steady flow of positive reviews. As for the range of smoothies available, there seems to be something for everyone. Love fruity flavours? Their bestselling Mad for Mango (from $5.50) or Merry Strawberry (from $5.50) should hit the spot. Feeling adventurous? Wow! Durian (from $7.50) blended with fresh Mao Shan Wang durian is a bold choice. Not challenging enough? Add cream cheese to your smoothies. But for Ramadan, we reckon any drink from their Coconut Series (from $5.50) would be the ultimate thirst quencher.

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7. Ramadan Milkshakes from MILK

MILK Ramadan Menu
Photo by @milk.singapore/Instagram

MILK is no stranger to innovation, being one of the pioneers of halal bubble tea and more recently, introducing honeycomb waffles to their menu. So it’s no surprise to us that they’ve come up with 4 new beverages specially for the fasting month. Take your pick from refreshing flavours such as Mango Shake, Coconut Shake, Vanilla Bandung, and King Kathira. Ok, we know we said no kathira in the title, but MILK adds cream cheese to their version so that’s prettyyyy interesting! Each drink comes in a 700ml cup and costs $5.

8. Broti

Broti Ramadan drinks
Photo by @broti_SG/Instagram

In our inaugural showdown of popular Ramadan bazaar drinks on Instagram Stories, Broti was voted as the champion. This isn’t surprising to us, as Broti was always prominent at bazaars and other food events, so they’ve established themselves as a beverage brand to be reckoned with. Despite no bazaars this year, Broti continues to be super popular with drinks consistently selling out at their new outlet in East Village. Specially for this month, Broti also offers Ramadan-exclusive drinks: Asam Boi, Kurma Milk, Bandung Selasih, and Katira. If you’re planning to drop by Broti, check their Instagram Stories beforehand to get updates on drinks availability. Otherwise, just order online lah.

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