S$39.90 hotpot delivery set for 3 pax has shabu shabu, seafood, & mala soup base; stove and cooker included

Stay home and hotpot!

Steamboat and hotpot dinners are something a lot of people crave for, especially during cold and rainy days.

Preparing the ingredients, however, is a chore. Also, the thought of visiting crowded supermarkets in these current times can be quite unnerving.

In case you don’t have the time to prepare (or are just simply lazy) for creating a hotpot dinner, there are other alternatives including Hahahotpot.

Hahahotpot is a new Muslim-owned hotpot delivery service that just launched in April this year.

Halal, hassle-free hotpot

Hotpot or steamboat is a popular food concept, and in recent times, halal eateries offering this Chinese-style fare have mushroomed.

Haha hot pot delivery
Source: @hahahotpotsg/Instagram

Hahahotpot, however, specialises in hotpot delivery services. They understand that most diners would find “eating hotpot a hassle as it is time-consuming and requires lots of preparation.”

Hence, instead of opening yet another hotpot restaurant, they bring the hotpot experience to our homes. This is definitely a game changer, especially now that dining-in at F&B establishments is suspended.

Haha hotpot delivery
Source: @hahahotpotsg/Instagram

According to their website, the hassle-free hotpot experience includes them preparing the necessary ingredients, setting up the table, and clearing the trash after you’re done. Wow!

No hotpot appliance at home? No worries, both stove and cooker are included with every order made! These will be loaned to you for a S$30 refundable deposit.

hahahotpot delivery service
Source: @hahahotpotsg/Instagram

Even if you own a hotpot stove, having the option to loan one for free (assuming you don’t damage the stove) is a game changer!

Lastly, Hahahotpot uses reusable eco-friendly packaging for its food items which is a thoughtful gesture in reducing the impact on environment degradation.

What about the ingredients?

Currently, Hahahotpot offers four types of platters which are on sale now:

  • Vegetable Platter: S$10.90 (U.P. S$15.30)
  • Mushroom Platter: S$12.90 (U.P. S$17.20)
  • Meat Platter: S$19.90 (U.P. S$25.90)
  • Seafood Platter: S$25.90 (U.P. S$32)
Haha hotpot Platters

You can then add on ingredients from their ala carte menu from as low as S$1.90. Some top picks include Swedish Meat Ball (S$2.90), Beef Shabu Shabu (S$5.90) and Signature Prawn Paste (S$7.90).

Haha hotpot ala carte
Source: hahahotpot.com

Packages from S$39.90

For an even more fuss-free experience, customers can also choose from Hahahotpot’s four packages, which start from S$39.90.

By default, every package includes vegetables, sauces, instant noodles and choice of soup paste (Mala, Mushroom or Haha Collagen Soup). Choices for meat and seafood vary depending on which package you choose.

Haha hotpot Packages
Source: hahahotpot.com

Here’s how much the sets cost:

  • HAHA Package 2-3 pax: S$39.90 (as low as S$13.30 per pax)
  • HAHA Package 3-4 pax: S$60.90 (as low as S$15.20 per pax)
  • HAHA Package 5-6 pax: S$89.90 (as low as S$14.98 per pax)
  • HAHA Package 7-8 pax: S$129.90 (as low as S$16.23 per pax)

Islandwide delivery is charged at S$8.90. For now, it seems like customers are only able to choose from the following timeslots: 5pm to 7pm and 7pm to 9pm.

To order, visit hahahotpot.com

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