Newly halal-certified cafe at Race Course has waffles, ice-cream and savoury items like Chicken Ragu Wrap and Avocado Waffles

Ondeh waffles!
Threes A Crowd Race Course outlet

Tampines residents would be familiar with Three’s A Crowd Cafe, a MUIS halal-certified cafe specialising in ice-cream, waffles, and seasonal goodies like these ice-cream mooncakes.

Earlier this year, the cafe opened a second outlet at 50 Race Course Road, and that outlet just received its halal certification as well.

And if you’re planning on your next cafe-hopping adventure once dining-in restrictions are lifted, here’s what to expect at Three’s A Crowd.


From S$3.50 a scoop, you cannot visit Three’s A Crowd and not try their ice-cream that are all made in-house.

As with most cafes, the ice-cream flavours might rotate but here are a few flavours we saw in their menu.

Classic (S$3.50 first scoop, S$3 second scoop, S$14 pint)

  • Double Chocolate
  • Oreo Mint
  • Coconut (v)
  • Earl Grey
  • Mango Passion (v)
  • Salted Caramel

Premium (S$4.50 first scoop, S$4 second scoop, S$18 pint)

  • Roasted Pistachio
  • Berry Cheesecake
  • Matcha
  • Speculoos
  • Pink Grapefruit (v)
  • Dark Gianduia
  • Pandan Kaya


For a more indulgent treat, you may get waffles with your ice-cream. Choose from:

  • Maple Waffle (S$6)
  • Churros Waffle (S$8)
  • Ondeh Waffle (S$9)*

*This is a signature item of the Race Course outlet, and comes topped with gula melaka infused coconut shreds. Best paired with coconut ice cream!

Other menu items

Besides waffles and ice-cream, the cafe also serves a small selection of savoury mains and acai bowls.

Check out the Chicken Ragu (S$16) comprising of minced chicken, melted cheese, tomato, carrot and celery or the Chicken Avo (S$15), a winning combination of fried chicken and avocado. You can choose a base of either waffles or tortilla wrap for both items.

But truth be told, we simply cannot get enough of their waffles and ice-cream. The following photos are already giving us so much food envy.

See the rest of the menu here.

Rustic hidden alley

If the waffles and ice-cream are not enough to draw you in, Three’s A Crowd’s offbeat location might.

The cafe’s interior sports aged and textured walls seemingly left in its raw state for “aesthetic” reasons, with seating placed along the walls in a longitudinal orientation that’s perhaps a nod to “street dining”.

There’s also a sunroof atop the dining space, allowing sunlight to flood in and aid photographers in getting that perfect shot of their food…or themselves.

Address: 50 Race Course Rd, Singapore 218562
Halal status: MUIS Halal certified
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Top photos via @stormscape and @worldcafejourneys on Instagram

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