Tampines cafe launches mooncakes made from their freshly made ice cream

Almost too pretty to eat.
Ice Cream mooncakes by Three's A Crowd

Tampines-based cafe Three’s A Crowd is dialling up the cool factor on the mooncake craze this year through their selection of ice cream mooncakes for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival.

A heartland favourite known for their in-house ice cream and signature waffles, Three’s A Crowd is no stranger to churning out sweet treats.

For this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, they took three of their most beloved ice cream flavours and turned them into ice cream mooncakes.

Ice Cream mooncakes by Three's A Crowd
Photograph: Three’s A Crowd

The cafe’s mooncakes are inspired by their top three favourite ice cream flavours this year, and are intricately handcrafted with freshly churned ice cream and homemade snowskin. 

Mao Shan Wang ice cream mooncake
Photograph: Three’s A Crowd

Durian lovers will appreciate the Mao Shan Wang ($22/pc) which features a wholesome layer of 100% pure MSW durian flesh sandwiched between the Signature Durian Ice Cream. This heavenly combination guarantees a flavourful punch of rich and creamy durian. 

Mango Chocolat ice cream mooncake
Photograph: Three’s A Crowd

The  Mango Chocolat ($18/pc) pairs the tangy fruit with a rich blend of dark chocolate hazelnut (Dark Gianduia) ice cream which they claim to be a great dupe for Ferrero Rocher. There is even a base of chocolate crispies to add a crunchy effect.

Tropical Cheesecake mooncake
Photograph: Three’s A Crowd

Lastly, the Tropical Cheesecake ($18/pc) features luscious cheesecake ice cream with chunks of cream cheese and a refreshing blend of fruity (mango passion) core, atop a bed of buttery graham cracker crust.

Each mooncake is also encased in soft, marbled snowskin with stark colours against a white base. Very pretty.

Available for a limited time only

The ice cream mooncakes are available for pre-order and come in a box of 2.

A thermal bag is also given for free for every 2 boxes of mooncakes.

Mooncakes in box
Photograph: Three’s A Crowd

Collection is only available 5 Sep – 4 Oct 2020, and the last day to preorder is 25 Sep 2020.

The Halal Eater readers get to enjoy 10% off mooncake orders with promo code “thehalaleater”.

To order, visit Three’s A Crowd online store.

Three’s A Crowd is MUIS halal-certified and is located at 802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-11.

Images by Three’s A Crowd.

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