The Social Outcast reopens from Sep. 14 in Bukit Timah with wood-fired pizzas, charcoal grilled burgers & steaks

Heating up the west side.
TSO woodfire smoked charcoal grilled Steak

Bedok woodfire smoked & charcoal grilled joint The Social Outcast closed its outlet at Bedok Marketplace earlier in May, after only one year of operation there.

The stall previously said that it is departing from the east to continue its business.

Good news for The Social Outcast’s fans, because they have found the perfect spot, albeit all the way in the west.

New outlet opens on Sep. 14

In a Facebook post on Sep. 13, The Social Outcast announced that their new outlet will be opening on Sep. 14.

It is located outside The Grandstand, facing the car mart.

In the post, they professed in the eatery’s true blue laissez-faire attitude that “nothing goes perfectly, especially when you’re opening a restaurant or writing a review.”

Despite that, they welcome everyone to pay the new location a visit. For fans of The Social Outcast, though, we wager no invitation is necessary.

Exclusive dine in menu

During its hiatus, The Social Outcast can be seen experimenting in the kitchen in preparation for its new opening.

For several months, its Instagram page has been giving behind-the-scenes glimpses into the operations as well as introduce staff members who are undoubtedly the driving force behind The Social Outcast’s food.

Speaking of food, the refreshed menu offers familiar favourites as well as new additions.

Here are a few to check out:

Smoked Deviled Eggs with Caviar & Ikura (S$18)

One of the highlights in the apps section of the menu is this moreish-looking dish that is both unexpected and necessary.

Smoked Deviled Eggs with Caviar and Ikura
Photo by The Social Outcast

Summer Truffle Carbonara (S$28)

Carbonara, a seemingly simple dish of pasta and bits of smokey meat coated in a creamy sauce, can be particularly tricky to master.

But trust The Social Outcast to ace theirs which is replete with truffle mushrooms and dry aged beef bacon bits.

Summer Truffle Carbonara at The Social Outcast
Photo by The Social Outcast

Malcolm X (S$24)

Every pizza in The Social Outcast’s menu is hand-stretched, made-to-order, and named after icons who pushed the envelope during their time. Fellow outcasts, if you will.

Hence, you won’t find pedestrian pizzas here. For example, the mildly spicy Malcolm X features woodfire smoked chicken with Jamaican Jerk sauce on a guacamole base — flavours we bet you’ve never had on pizza before.

Malcolm X
Photo by The Social Outcast

Burgers (from S$15)

Burgers are undeniably The Social Outcast’s claim to fame, in our opinion. So yes, we’re glad to see familiar favourites like The Royal Mushroom Beef (S$15) and Smoked Dried Chipotle & Guacamole Beef (S$15) making a comeback in the new menu.

Hangover Brunch (S$35)

We’ve had our fair share of “English breakfasts”, but the Hangover Brunch looks like an absolute beast of a breakfast. Instead of thin bacon strips, there are actually thick beef brisket slices here! Phwoar!

Hangover Brunch at The Social Outcast
Photo by The Social Outcast

30 Days Dry Aged Ribeye (S$80)

Honestly though, if we’re travelling all the way to the West, we’d rather put on our big boy pants and order this instead. The Social Outcast is known for their mastery of the grill and meat cuts, so it would be very remiss of us (and you) to not order this.

The Social Outcast woodfire smoked charcoal grilled Steak
Photo by The Social Outcast

For the full dine-in menu, view it here.

Delivery available

If Bukit Timah is too far away for you, The Social Outcast also offers delivery. Whilst it is not the same as eating a steak fresh off the grill, don’t say we don’t bo jio ah.

Orders can be made via this link.

Address: The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road #01-35A, Singapore 287994
Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm (Closed on Mondays)
Instagram | Facebook | Make Reservation

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