Teh tarik fan account has reviews of the local beverage from different stalls islandwide

Do you even ngeteh?

When it comes to food and drinks, some of us swear by a specific brand no matter what. Others, however, may be less committed.

Enter @tehtarikconnoiseur, an Instagram account dedicated to a beloved local drink that has accompanied us on many lepak sessions: teh tarik.

What is teh tarik anyway?

At this juncture, we must point out that teh tarik (which is Malay for pulled tea) isn’t just any tea you get from the kopitiam.

Due to its Indian-Muslim origins, teh tarik is often known as a mamak concoction, mamak being a local term for an Indian.

Perhaps more importantly, the brew of hot tea and condensed milk is cooled by a gravity-defying process of pouring and “pulling” it between two cups or mugs. Hence the name ‘teh tarik’.

Learn more about the origins of teh tarik here.

The hero we don’t deserve

With so many stalls offering this humble drink islandwide, there’s bound to be varying degrees of the perfect cup teh tarik.

Short of seeking out the best one ourselves, why not rely on the noble work of the anonymous teh drinker behind @tehtarikconnoiseur?

The user introduces themselves as such:

finding the best teh tarik in singapore /

mencari teh tarik terbaik di singapura

Source: @tehtarikconnoiseur/Instagram

As of the time of writing, the account has 17 posts of the frothy, golden beverage, but we feel that’s a good starting point should you decide to go on a teh tarik adventure yourself.

Here are some of the reviews on the account, which was started as early as January 2021.

Thankfully, this teh tarik fan doesn’t always leave rave reviews. At least we know it’s honest though.

Whilst the user appears to have their teh tarik on its own most of the time, sometimes they also pair it with food. Naturally, they also review that too.

Here’s a sampling of teh tarik and the accompanying dishes that are featured:

With Phase 2 (HA) reinstated tomorrow (Jul. 22), most of us will still be working from home and may find ourselves missing teh tarik from a stall near our workplaces. On the flip side, drink stalls will once again struggle to stay afloat due to lesser customers.

If you happen to be outside in the coming weeks, perhaps you’ll consider dropping by a stall to get a hot cup of teh tarik.

And if you’re wondering where to visit, there’s @tehtarikconnoiseur. You’re welcome.


Bhai Sarbat goes online; now delivers its legendary teh tarik islandwide

Top photos from @tehtarikconnoiseur on Instagram.

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