Spicy Zero Beef Burger Review: Jollibee’s version of a meatless burger with a spicy twist

Possibly the cheapest meatless burger?
Cross section of the zero beef burger

Jollibee Singapore just launched its meat-free burger recently, which features a plant-based burger patty from Harvest Gourmet.

The new item is called the Spicy Zero Beef Burger, and I got to taste it recently.

Even before eating it, I honestly thought it’s relatively affordable – S$6.50 à la carte and S$8 for a meal.

Considering that other meatless burgers are still kinda expensive at the moment, it’s a great option for aspiring flexitarians like myself who would be turned off by a higher price point.

Note that the plant-based patties are prepared in a shared kitchen and cooked on the same equipment as other meat products, which means that they may come into contact with bits of animal products. It may also contain egg and other ingredients which may be a deal-breaker for vegetarians or vegans.

First look

This is how the burger looks like when delivered.

Jollibee meatless burger meal on a table
Photo by Izad Razi

Aside from the red, nondescript box featuring Jollibee himself, there isn’t any indication of the meatless burger within.

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Inside, the burger is half-sheathed in a white paper wrapper with green Jollibees on it, perhaps confirming it is indeed a plant-based burger.

jollibee burger in green wrapper
Photo by Izad Razi

Here’s what the burger patty looks like. It looked slightly charred like most meat patties, but it certainly had a thickness unlike other fast-food chain burger patties.

First look at Jollibee meatless burger
Photo by Izad Razi

Here’s what the burger cross-section looks like:

Cross section of the zero beef burger
Photo by Izad Razi

It really has a very meat-like texture which might fool the average meat eater. Colour-wise, I was expecting the center of the patty to be red like a medium-rare steak but that’s probably too much to ask of Jollibee.

Wasn’t expecting this

The patty also has a meat-like flavour, but it disintegrated pretty easily in the mouth without giving my jaw a workout.

This is a non-issue for me, but beef burger aficionados who prefer more bite in their meat would probably be disappointed. But then again, why would they be eating a zero beef burger?

Cross section of the zero beef burger
Photo by Izad Razi

I know the plant-based patty is the centrepiece of the burger, but in my opinion, the sauce wins, hands down.

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The Spicy Sriracha Barbeque sauce combines two flavours that on their own, work undeniably well on any meat. But together, they’re even better!

The sauce offers a sweet-hot flavour to the grilled patty and it does zing a little, but that didn’t stop me from licking the sides of the burger for any drippage.

It does make me wonder though; could the patty stand on its own or did Jollibee add the flavourful sauce to disguise any misgivings we might have about the patty?

That aside, while I would say the meat-free burger is not the worst burger out there, I am too much of a meat lover to give it up. At least for now.

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The Spicy Zero Beef Burger is now available in-stores or via delivery. You can also order advanced takeaway here.


4 5 1
Thick meatless patty is value-for-money, considering the burger only costs S$6.50. But the sweet-hot sauce is the real MVP in my opinion.
Thick meatless patty is value-for-money, considering the burger only costs S$6.50. But the sweet-hot sauce is the real MVP in my opinion.
Total Score
  • Taste
    4/5 Good
    Thicker than most patty make this burger quite a substantial meal. However, it lacks the hefty bite of a real burger. The sriracha BBQ sauce is a banger though.
  • Packaging/Looks
    3/5 Neutral
    There's no visual cues on the packaging to tell that it is a meatless burger, hence nothing special about it.
  • Price
    4/5 Good
    At S$6.50, it is relatively cheaper than other meatless burgers out there.

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